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    Will we ever have any leader in the Gandhian mould?

    Volumes have been written about Mahatma Gandhi. There are Post-graduate courses on Gandhian thought. In the USA, he is the subject of research by dozens of Sociologists. And Mahatma Gandhi was perhaps a good economist as well.

    For, it is he who said that for a man with an empty stomach, food is God. And it was he who first talked about practical economics when he said that there is enough for everybody's need but not for everybody's greed. And was right on target. The global ambitions of China and the USA is now threatening the borders of any countries and billions of dollars will be spent on purchasing deadly weapons. However, do we have in our own country, any leader who has such selfless attitudes and mass appeal to the collective consciousness of people?

    One is not even able to understand the arrogance of someone who goes right against fundamental rights when he declares that those employing people of his State need his permission to employ them!! Where is our country going and what will happen if others also start speaking the same language?

    When can we find another Mahatma Gandhi?
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    Mahatma Gandhi had a great capability of motivating people to get the objective met without using any weapon and he was thus instrumental in ousting the Britishers from India based on the non-violence techniques. No doubt Mahatma Gandhi was a unique person and had a great ideology and if we had followed that today the poverty level could have been much lower. As author has rightly said there are thousands of books and reading material written on Gandhiji and people are getting PhD degree just on working and researching on his principles.

    Now coming to the present time a lot of water has gone under the bridge since the time of Gandhiji and the international politics and diplomacy has changed a lot. The trade war and global conflicts now are more on economic premises rather than the geographical boundaries. I do not think that today we need a Gandhi to correct this situation. If we think so we would utterly fail in our endeavours. This is the time of making economic developments and military might so that the enemy does not look straight in our eyes. See the example of Israel. We have to learn a lot from it. I strongly propose compulsory military training for all and no one (whether BE or MBA or MBBS or IAS or MLA or MP or MSc or MA or IT or diploma holder etc) should get any job in Govt or private organisations before he goes under one year compulsory training. If a person cannot protect one's country he does not deserve a job.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We cannot have one more Gandhian as there are more adversaries against this great character and even if someone tries to emulate, most of them does not want good character to reappear. Even in present days there are leaders who have the traces of Gandhian character but they are not allowed to do their work with finesse and every good work has been criticized which may have the effect on further goodness. And when Mahatma Gandhi was present with his good thoughts and advances, the population was small say hardly 30 crores and good people were living then respecting the freedom movement and the call given by Mahatma. Now with 130 crores population, with most of them are atheist, not having faith and confidence on themselves , and always having a negative thought about a positive persons. How can one more Mahatma possible?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Gandhi is no doubt a great leader and he is responsible for our independence. But none of his followers followed his idealogy after getting independence and India is not progressing as expected. This is mainly due to the governments who ruled the country. If the rulers followed him without any selfishness our country might have been in a different position as of now.
    Now there is a change in the way of life. We can't depend on his style of working now. If somebody comes and hits is on one side we can't show him the other side. We have to hit back. Then only we can survive. I think shrewd politician without any corruption is the need of the hour. I hope the present Prime Minister is doing better than many other PMs we have seen.
    The Indian voters should be wise enough to choose the correct party and the correct person as their CM or PM. Otherwise, we will witness downfall only not any development.

    always confident

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    Gandhi was great in the sense that he never uttered a word without carrying out any experiment. For him, experimentation was essential before he could realise the true benifit with such experimentation. His experiments with Satya and Ahinsa made him still powerful so much so that the Britishers could not withstand before his forceful speech.
    He was in the belief that without the experiment full potential of the said experiment cannot be realised. In this context, while going to village to village for his campaign, Manu Ben forgot to carry the stone which was used by Gandhi as a toilet soap in his bath. She confessed that she had lost the same and in lieu of that she could manage a stone equivalent in size as compared to the lost one. Gandhijee replied such a newly replaced stone would not provide him the sense of attachment which the lost one offered to him.
    That great saint had his own reservation and his uniqness made him so great.

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    History has been evident about Gandhi 's contribution in getting independence of india. Now it is difficult to get a leader like gandhiji where every system has become corrupted. You can't expect 'honesty is the best policy' from a hungry person. Day- by-day, poverty and unemployment is on increase. In this age, to get good thought people is very tough. If any person try to implement good rule in society then a large number of people stand against those person. So Gandhi like leader may rebirth in india is not possible. In present situation most ot the leader are from criminal background so to expect leader like gandhi is just a mirage.

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    Let me recall the Bhagavat Gita lines by which Bhagavan Krishna assures Arjuna :
    " Yadaa yadaa hi Dharmasyah
    Glaanirbhavati Bhaaratah,
    Tadaatmanam srujaamyaham".
    (In simple words this means that whenever there is a decline of Dharma and ascent of Adharma in this world, then He will manifest himself to bring the Dharma back and wipe out adharma.)
    So in India we can be always sure that situations will bring forth a suitable leader who can bring solutions to our problems. We consider our country as a Divine Land.
    During Indira Gandhi's hey days her staunch loyalists and sycophants were asking "After Indira who?". The same was the case with Nehru also. But though Nehru and Indira have gone, India continues better and stronger. How many foresaw Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister? The situation was made up so much against him inside and outside. But the Gita lines prevailed.

    Nature never keeps a vacuum. It fills it sometimes with better refills. The signals and indications of more and more youngsters in our country trying to learn and understand our heritages and spiritual wisdom and becoming aware of our core values and traditional tested wisdom and eager to apply them- all indicate that we will have more sincere, patriotic, efficient, empathetic, charismatic ,wise leaders emerging to lead our country and people to shining glory. As Gandhiji was also inspired by Bhagavat Gita and ancient scriptures and heritage,new leaders also will have the Gandhian thoughts and good ideology in them.

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    It's good to know that the author is in search of Mahatma Gandhi. Well, when there are a lot of research works and courses on the Mahatma I am sure there are a lot of his followers all around the world and in India too. Why don't the followers take a lead and implement his ideologies? When a lot of people are admiring him and preaching his principles I wonder still why his policies have not been implemented the world over. That's the beauty of our perception. We made him the subject of our research and studies. Not only him there are many great women and men like him who has become the subject of our research and studies. Unfortunately, they remained inside the books and in the certificates only. We never tried to change ourselves. Until and unless we are doing that we won't be able to find him for sure.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Mahatma Gandhi was a great person in many respect and he got something done which even a big army could not have achieved. But in todays perspective I do not see any scope even if some person comes ahead with that ideology. The situation today is entirely different and that simple and honest ideology may not survive today in this harsh environment.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Last week I was watching a movie related to the great Indian rules and how they were struggling to keep the British away from India. The struggles of the common people for their lands and the paddy so grown were lost against the taxes to British.
    We notice that India has struggled for more than three decades under the British rule as they could not build the one many army like the Mahatma Gandhi. It was he who could bring the groups together and follow non-violence as the sword to drive away the British.
    It may take a few more decades to imbibe his characters in a person. Watching such a great personality in our lives may be nearest to a dream.

    Lead the leader

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