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    Search box in ISC is a path to treasure house of information

    Many times we search for a particular information in internet. It could be a technical issue or educational matter or career related or general matter, there would be certain aspects and doubts in our mind regarding a few fine points related to the issue. After searching the internet sometimes we may get that information or not. It depends on the keywords used by us and also on the way we present our queries in the search engines.

    When we are working in ISC at that time also while writing a post or giving an answer or writing an article at times we feel to refer about a thing quickly to remove our doubts and proceed ahead. In this respect I have found the search box of ISC as very useful. Whenever I search for an issue I get some old forum discussions and also old Ask Experts answers where the things are nicely covered by the members or erstwhile members. Many times, I am benefited by those information and got support and confirmation for my views or understanding. Are you using the search box provided in ISC for this or for any other purpose?
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    In fact ISC has become mini Google platform with so many information stored in it but no member utilize the same or ignorant of it. Every post made here, every answer typed here, every content raised in article and responses given there off are well stored in the search box but we are not using the same. By the way any information what we are submitting here should be of our own and not lifted from any source or even from ISC old source. And our members are intelligent enough to coin out any content in few seconds on a given word and that can prove the profess of each member and their knowledge base.
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    I rarely use that search box. I use generally, Google search only. Now I will see whether I can try with ISC search box. When we search on Google it may cover more area than ISC. ISC search box will give information available on ISC site only. But Google will cover from different sites. We will see some of our posts on ISC also on Google search when we type the correct Keyword. Many times in my search I have seen this.
    Anyhow one should how to use the available resources for our benefit. The author is wise enough to know that there is an ocean of information on ISC but I failed to recognise that fact. Now I will try to use the search box of ISC also.

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    I use the search box in ISC page many times. When I respond to posts or posting some content in ISC , I may faintly remember something related to that matter already discussed or dealt with in ISC Forum, GD or in an article or Ask Experts section pages . To confirm that, I will need a search using the search box above. I may not be remembering the exact keywords, but I will search by trial and error. Mostly I will succeed and get what I searched for. But sometimes I do not get because I could not remember the correct search word for that.

    You can see that sometimes I quote from such threads or give link to those posts in some of my threads. Those were possible due to my search in ISC.

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