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    A corrupted abode and a fight for legal rights

    Indian political history, if properly written by any serious historian, should have to cover the bitter period of the worst corrupted politician of India, the late Ms. Jayalalitha, who treated Tamil Nadu as her personal property and made every effort to simply demolish any dissent in any form whatsoever.

    And today, the same AIADMK, the worst corrupted party in India, and a disgrace to the entire nation, wants to make the residence of their leader a memorial!! The Madras High Court has rightly put a break, saying that the children of Jayalalitha's brother will be the legal heirs for now. At least for now, as the State is likely to examine more ways to get around the problem.

    Let such corrupted properties -- the signs of the worst sins -- be given to the legal heirs. With an accumulated debt of over 5 lakh crores, in spite of the strong 7% GDP growth year on year, we have far better things to do. Let the memorial plan be given a decent burial.
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    In our country, there are many such corrupted leaders. In India, many will not consider corruption as a problem when they go for voting. They feel that such leaders are better for them as they can get their things done by paying money. In Andhra Pradesh, the public voted for YSR Party. Everybody knows that Naidu is less corrupt than the other party chief and also know that Babu is undoubtedly the best among the two. But they voted for the other leader. Now in the State, everything is a problem. Many decisions taken by the government are dismissed by the High Court. The government is not even caring for the verdicts given by the court also.
    When we want to get benefitted by the government even though we are not supposed to get benefitted, we should elect such corrupt leaders. We all feel that KCR is doing a good job. He manages the media and there is no strong opposition to him. That is the reason everybody thinks that KCR is doing a good job. But who has more access to him and to the government only will get benefitted? The poor will be suffering and no one will be knowing what is going on inside the government.

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