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    Today is World Milk Day. Let us celebrate and discuss.

    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    Today 1st June is World Milk Day. The first World Milk Day was on 1st June 2001. This is the 20th year of World Milk Day.
    Let us discuss:
    1. Consumption of Milk and Milk products improve our immunity and boosts human health. Do you agree or disagree? I agree that breast milk has the immunity power, not the other kinds of milk.
    2. Does the milk available and supplied in pockets help us to improve our immunity? Are they pure or adulterated?
    3. Are you a milk consumer? What is your opinion about milk and milk products?
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    Milk is considered to be a complete food as it includes all the components required for our body on daily basis. It is rich in various minerals, vitamins and especially rich in calcium. The minerals and vitamins improve our immunity and calcium strengthen our bones. Milk is easily digestible material and all the valuable contents in it are completely utilized by our body unlike other food items we consume. The dairy milk products what we get with Indian food standards are most probably unadulterated only. Milk sold in loose, one cannot believe as they may be synthetically prepared and adulterated for undue profits. Such type of milk will affect even health severely. All milk products are good for health and especially patients ailing from various diseases should consume milk for sustaining body with various required nutrients.

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    First time I heard about world milk day. I am very happy knowing that milk day is celebrated too. Since ancient times milk and milk product has been main food items of our meals. In mahabharata serial, you must have seen sri krishna stealing butter from other house. For that, he had been punished many times. Even today, it is included in essential food item in every house. Today, 90% people are addicted of morning tea which is prepared by milk only.
    No doubt milk having good nutrient for growth of body. Breast milk is just like 'amrit' for overall development of baby. It is true that consumption of milk and milk product especially curd, paneer improves our immunity system. It is included in body-building food. It help to build our bone and muscles.Any kind of milk either packed or direct milking milk both are good. it is oftentimes seen that milkman add not only water as well as mix two animals milk. This kind of milk is not pure and we should not have this.
    I drink milk daily and I think it is good for all ages.

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    I received a whatapp message about this today.
    Milk is the first food for a person born in this world. It is mother's milk. Milk still continues as the main or part ingredient for the first intake every day for most of us. Many may be ending the day with a glass of milk before going to bed also.
    Milk is thus an integral part of our life. The Galaxy in which the Earth we are living is a part is called the Milky Way Galaxy. The omnipotent celestial medicine is the cream of churning the Palaazhi- the Milky Ocean, Doot Sagar.
    Like everything now, the one which should be the most pure is getting adulterated.
    It was believed that the only two unadulterated things in the world are Mother's Milk and Coconut water. However as the inputs they take are chemically adulterated and harmful even these two are slowly getting considered as crime against humanity and be punished with sever and exemplary punishments. Unfortunately now they are very small offences and the perpetrators escape without any harm. They enjoy literally milking us.

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    I never know that one such day is there and I thank the author for giving this information.
    Cow milk is very good in many respects and many people advocate drinking of Cow milk for improving our health and immunity also.
    Milk is recommended by many doctors and they say it is a complete food. Breast milk is the best food for the newly born kids. They can't be replaced with any other milk.
    We take milk regularly and We get fresh milk from a vendor. We are not purchasing packed milk. The milk we get in not contaminated nor water is mixed.
    There are chances for adulteration in packed milk. But I don't think that standard suppliers like government organisations will supply adulterated milk.
    We should consume some milk for having good health and immunity.

    always confident

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    On the world milk day, I am wishing everyone a good and better health for today and future. The immunity power of the people need to be good and gaining and I am sure the packet milk does not serve that purpose. Pure buffalo milk supplied by private diary farms are the best source of energy and drink. Though the thick form of private milk diary wold cost you between 70 rupees and 80 rupees. Where as one liter of packet milk available at 50 rupees. So one can imagine that all the strength and thickness of the milk are removed before packed to the customer and that is why we are not getting any strength.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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