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    Two threads a Day will keep us busy through out the Day.

    Dear ISCIan,
    Do you want to be busy with ISC throughout the day or whenever you log in ISC? Just ensure to post two threads in a day. Don't post more than two. If you post more, you will have to remain idle for a few days. If each and every active ISCian submit two thread messages in a day, ISC will keep the members busy throughout the day. ISCians should ensure that their message has some stuff to discuss. Merely posting some information won't help us to remain busy. It should have some questions to ask and discuss on the subject.

    Today I have posted two good messages. One on World Milk Day and this suggestion to be busy with ISC. My quota for today is over.

    Your views, comments and suggestion for improvement if any. All the Best.
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    This is a good method. I follow this method from a long time but my problem is I post irregularly. Weeks ago, I was driven by a craze to keep writing and posting threads. And then my forum activity got suspended because I was unaware of the norms. I had actually exceeded the limit of posts alloted per week. So, nowadays I am in form as I revise the norms in my mind before posting. Saji Ganesh sir have instilled in me few precious writing techniques and approachable forms. I am very greatful and thank ful to be a part of this huge family on this website. ISCIAN keep shining.
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    A very positive and motivating thought by a senior member of ISC. It is a welcome note to see that every member tries to post atleast two posts in a day as it will keep the site and forum active. It will be very good to get many posts but I have a doubt. Are we trying to fill the forum with posts or do we need to keep quality as first? When we talk about quality, It is always better for members to post threads when they have some solid stuff to post. Some have that spark to create and some have limited spark. Let us not go or grow in quantity but in quality. The post raised by the member is actually motivation and a goal for all to improve, learn and earn but without compromising the quality and standard of the site.
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    A good suggestion by the author. Not only posting two threads a day but also responding to others threads also good to keep our ISC forum busy. It is better to give importance to quality rather than quantity of postings.

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    When we say - An apple a day keeps the doctor away, means that it should be a good apple , not a rotten one. Similarly, when I say two threads a day means that the quality of the post should be good. It should be understood . No need to specify. There are members at ISC who want to get the number of posts increased. But ISC has set it as 15 per 5 days, that is an average of 3 threads a day. I limited it to 2 per day.

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    I did not mention about responding to threads. Why because, a thread is very important. Unless you have a thread, how can we respond? If there are 10 active Forum members, there would be a minimum of 20 threads to respond. If a member can create two good threads and respond to 10 posts, he/she is sure of earning good points, to be on the top 20 list to earn RSB. With this ISC will flourish.

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    It may please be noted that the posting limits for forum threads is 15 for 07 days.
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    SuN, you had suggested something similar in an early thread too. I appreciate your sentiments and interest to keep ISC moving up and up. However, each member may be having own expertise and aptitudes. So let them do whatever is possible and comfortable to them.

    Before seeing this thread I posted two Forum threads today. However that was just an impromptu occurrence. The subject for the thread came to me and I was free and so, posted the thread immediately.

    But many times I get ideas and subjects at random times, including when I am lying on my bed for sleeping It will appear as very good subject for a thread. But soon, after involving in other matters or waking up after sleep I would have totally forgotten them.
    Anyway I support your suggestion and leave it to the members' considering their own talents, knowledge, expertise, likes and convenience and complying to ISC guidelines

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    True. More threads in the forum section will definitely be there if each member raises 15 threads in 7 days. How many of us will be posting like this? But I feel that may not happen here. Some people reply to a few threads only and never go through all the threads. If we start replying to all the threads it will take more time and spending that much time may not be possible I hope all the members will look into and see that there will be some good contribution.
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    Time and again I was insisting that at least the active members of this site post one thread a day so that the forum would be vibrant and full of happenings. On a single day 20 to 30 members are regular and they participate in each and every discussions.If all these active members contribute at least one thread from their side, the forum would be filled with new threads in first and second pages. And that will give ample space for everyone to participate and give their responses so that every member gets chance to write and responses. Surely the forum can see stupendous performance if that is observed.
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    A good suggestion and the posting limits also allow us to post two threads in a day. Since the most vibrant section of ISC is the Forum, to keep the activities going members need to post at regular intervals. Now, everything depends on the schedule of the members. When they are quite busy they may not be able to post threads and even reply to other threads but when they have enough time they can post interesting threads according to their choice by adhering to all the necessary posting guidelines. You may set a rule like the one suggested by the author in this thread but don't be in a hurry.

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    It is very true that to keep the site active and vibrant there should be sufficient threads available at a given instant of time. Generally I am finding that whatever time of the day we login into ISC, there are sufficient posts available there to respond. I am not able to post more than 2-3 posts in a week as I do not get an idea for that. Whenever something special comes in my mind I would translate it into a post but not otherwise. For me two posts per day is a herculean target. I am presently at 6-8 per month which also for me appears at the higher side. Let me try to increase these numbers of course if I get some new or unique ideas in my mind. I would frankly speaking would prefer to utilise that time in article section or Ask Experts section as I have some interest there also.
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    In ISC, I am involved in Ask experts section, Forum section, and resource response and sometimes information update so a target of 2 per day is quite high for me. Anyway, I am still able to post about 10-12 in a month and if I really get some good point and theme I would grab that opportunity. Till that time I have to be satisfied with my present activity level. Further, I am getting sufficient forum threads for responding at any time of the day. That is a relief for me. Sometimes I like to respond then to raise a thread. Another important thing is that as ISC is converging toward educational matters, we have to mould our posts accordingly.
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    Finding a key thought to grab the reader's attention is a great task. Comparing live aspects of threads needs lots of analytical thoughts, that may be the key reason for shortfall of threads. Some members can just flow their threads relating to any topic which comes handy.
    It takes some time to roll on and to bring in these changes within oneselves.

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