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    Is there any religion in the world that doesn't preach about rebirth theory?

    In humans or even in any living beings once birth is there, there is death is also there naturally. Various religions preach in various ways what happens to human beings after death. According to Hindu religion , after death human beings have rebirth. According to the good and bad things done by a human being done on this earth different comforts or punishments will be given in the heaven or hell. According to Hindu religion a person will have Aatma and physical entity or body.Then what about other religions in this respect? Is there any religion in the world that doesn't preach rebirth theory? Members share your thoughts regarding rebirth theory.
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    The rebirth story is nothing but a fear created in our mind to be good and lead a good life. There is nothing like Heaven or Hell on this earth to visit after death. It is a God-created system, and the secrecy of creation is not known to anyone. We are following the words of someone who uttered it in the past.

    Life on earth is either a heavenly life or life in hell. Enjoyment is heaven. Suffering is hell.

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    It's our own believe. We must accept scientific theories and experiments. We witness new life birth and death of a person on this planet Earth. We have seen with our own eyes. I think it's not necessary at all to refer to any other medium to get information. There are various hypothesis in relation to birth and death out. Religion is a medium to worship almighty. Many people believe in God and many don't. All religions preach the same scriptures more or less, the only difference is in the language.
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    There are many that doesn't preach in contrary. In today's world, Abrahamic religions are the biggest religions. Like Christianity, Islam and Judaism, none of which preach rebirth or reincarnation. Death is proceeded by heaven or hell there. Neither was rebirth in concept in Greeks or Romans until they contacted Buddhists and Hindus. Even after that rebirth in Greek mythology would be very different from Hindu mythology. Infact it can be called as a permanent transformation into another being instead of rebirth in Greek myths. Vikings and so forth also don't seem to believe in rebirth. But they believe in after life. They believe in a part of heaven called Valhalla. They believe in a Hell.
    Parsees, too as far as I know, don't believe in reincarnation the way we do. Egyptians believed in afterlife and not much in rebirth. Rebirth in Egyptian legends meant being one with the realm of gods from the Book of Dead. We see in Mesoamerican religions we find, Aztec warriors and bring reincarnated as a sacred animal. Mayans were the ones that actually believed in rebirth. They believed that soul can be reborn in another vessel.
    Incans belief in afterlife was similar to that of Egyptians.

    Reincarnation is a concept I find distinct to India the way we believe in it. I didn't find any similar belief in any existing religions. Mayans come pretty close to what we believe in rebirth. Buddhism, jainism and Hinduism are the three religions of India has strongly believe and propagate in rebirth and reincarnation. We find mentions of gurus in Buddhism and Jainism being reborn. We know everyone is going to be reborn in Hinduism for eternity.

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    Many religions don't believe in rebirth. Hindus say that we will have to born many times before we get the Moksha. In this birth, we are human beings and in the next birth, we may be an animal or an insect or again a human being. It all depends on the good and bad deeds performed by the person in the present life. If you have done more ills you may go to hell and will have punishments and then come back to the earth. If you have done more good works you will go to heaven and enjoy there and come back.
    Buddhism and jainism also believe in rebirth. Christianity and Islam never believe in rebirth and they never advocate that.
    But ultimately all religions advocate only one thing. That is to be good and be ethical as long as you are on this earth. Only the paths are different.

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