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    Blackboards were their laptops

    A little over 3000 BC, Sumerians and Akkadians began scribbling on clay tablets. Writing since antiquity was a form of immortality. Kings and emperors would build enormous steeles/stone obelisks and etch them with their victories. A little later came Wax tablets. Scribes would use stylus to make indentations on wax to write. But these were not particularly effective methods of scribing.

    Since 11th century we get mentions of blackboard. Limestone and chalk were readily available all over the world. Black stones, the slate rock, dark wood etc, would be used as canvases to write and draw. Imagine how big a change blackboard could have brought. One could not have drawn per one's whims on tablets of clay and wax as it required immense training and concentration. And the changes made were permanent and could not be restored. Blackboards changed everything. Blackboard paired with chalk pieces for writing, allows the teacher to make as many illustrations as possible. One can wipe the board clean with a cloth and continue. This technology would have been nothing less to a laptop of modern day. One can carry a board and a chalk with him everywhere. You don't waste material like you do in case of paper, papyrus, wax tablet or stone tablet. Earliest of tablets were all from middle east, where a pictorial and hieroglyphic writing form reigned. Not all scripts could have been written easily on them. But chalk and blackboard suddenly made it easy for everyone to write. The materials required for writing were cheap or free. One needed no training at all to scribble on a blackboard. Such it is one of the best inventions or discovery we have ever made. And it has persisted since ages to illustrate students.
    With an exception of not being able to preserve the writings, blackboards fulfill all the criteria of being an ideal method of teaching and writing.

    (This is my entry for TOW contest).
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    Good comparison by the author. I think laptops are a combination of blackboard and the human brain. When you ask a question to a teacher, he used his brain and writes the reply on the board. So without a teacher, a blackboard can't do what laptops are doing. Even though we have a blackboard and a question if we don't know the answer we can't write anything on the blackboard. Whereas by using a laptop connected to the internet we will get all the information available on the net. A blackboard is not having a facility for getting connected to the internet. So laptop with the internet may be equivalent to a combination of blackboard, chalk piece and a teacher.
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    The idea of blackboard was of James Pillans a headmaster and a geography teacher at the Old High School in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 1800s, when he hung a large piece of slate on the classroom wall to teach his students Geography, his subject. This idea was later followed by a maths teacher Mr. George Baron in 1801 in the United States. The thought got accepted by many as it made the teaching easier as they could present well, save time, even helped the students to understand better and was helpful to teach a group or a class.

    As technology advanced, so also the concept of blackboard changed. It has evolved from black to white to colorful to back-lit, to digital, etc. These all evolution made it easier for students, teachers and even parents to help in their children's learning. Even more advancement in science and technology brought us Laptop that made work even easier and it has brought the world in our hands. The things that teachers used to teach can be learned from anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection. So it can be concluded that Blackboards were their laptops. Good entry from the writer for the TOW contest.

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    The origin of the black boards and its importance to today's generation is well connected by the author to the tow topic but slate was surely the gone era lap top.
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    Yes, but I would say a really big laptop to carry. Nice description of how the blackboards evolved and how it helped us to progress. Whatever may be the invention, the stepping stone was the blackboard only.

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    This is a very good comparison to save on paper. Students are asked to practice writing alphabets in their early learning. If they use blackboards they can learn as well save money as they will not waste paper, bit cannot show to teachers.
    In classrooms the students can be given opportunities to write and practice several times as alphabets are basic. Moving to primary levels maths problems can be solved, to improve the cognitive abilities.
    In high school, students can try to concentrate more on grammar contents for board work.

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    In older days, using of blackboard considered to be effective teaching method. In blackboard method, expressive communication like respect, anger, fear had between teacher and student. But, today blackboard is get replaced by computer. It is nice to compare. As present situation is going on, computer is need of hour. Computer having distant learning facility but blackboard lack this facility. So, it can be said that blackboard were their laptops.

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