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    KITE rings First Bell for new school academic year in Kerala!

    Though heavy rains are predicted for Kerala, today children there begin their new academic year but without the usual new bags, new uniforms and umbrellas. Kerala has started the school academic year by online classes.

    From today the education department has started beaming online classes, on a trial basis, on TV by the government-controlled KITE Victers Channel. The programme is aptly named 'First Bell'. Victers Channel is run by Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education-KITE.

    The time table for the online classes is already given class wise. Time slots vary from half an hour for lower classes to two hours for the higher class. About forty-five lakh students in the state are to start their new academic year through online classes.

    Best wishes to all students in their new academic year for a brighter future.
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    Some private schools in Hyderabad also started online classes for the students. But not for the new students. Admission process not started here officially. The Chief Minister announced that the schools will reopen from July 1st. It is good that Kerala has already started their new academic year.
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    Every state is taking care of education for school and colleges and central govt already dedicated 12 television channels for on line classes and apart from it every state is also having its own online classes arrangement. But Kerala seems to have started early as most of the schools have the summer vacations till the 11 th of this month and government would announce its decision on 8th June.
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    Though it seems the new academic year in Kerala has started with online classes on a trial basis it may become the usual way if it is found to be widely acceptable and providing fruitful results. Many states are taking initiatives so that education doesn't suffer during this crisis period. Organising classes through television channels and interacting with them online through various applications is definitely going to keep the students mentally relaxed which is very important at this moment. The board examinations are pending in many states which are making the students quite worried and when the classes have started through different mediums in various states I am sure the students whose board exams are pending will feel a bit relaxed. My best wishes to the students all over the country who are beginning a journey in the educational sector with a completely new experience of online classes.

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    Online classes are a new dimension in the educational sector but it is useful only through direct experiences that they get from the teacher. That is possible from classroom interaction only. Whatever changes taken in Kerala may be correct to some extent. The cognitive development of students and the cherish of parents for an urgent starting of the academic year may trigger the government to start online classes. It is obvious that online classes may not be helpful to students because facilitating capability is not at the parent instead of teachers. Moreover, in rural areas, it is very impossible to handle online classes for students. I think that most of the Kerala parents are educated so the government took such dare step to start academic year through an online class.
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    Yes, I too heard that a teacher Ms. Sai Sweta has made a great impact on children with her lovely expression in her classes. She has only one year experience in teaching but still is capable of grabbing children in grasping her contents through the Malayalam language as the medium of instruction.
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    Kerala is way ahead in these things and have a robust educational and medical framework. It is great that they have taken a lead in arranging the online classes also now. Due to the present pandemic crisis there is no other option than going for the online classes. Many states are struggling to adopt the online infrastructure to start these classes and it would take time to achieve that depending upon the efficiency and governance in the particular state. Let us see how things take place in other parts of our country so that the whole education system is synchronised well.
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    During the pandemic time when everything is not under control and social distancing is necessary to break the chain of its spread, education cannot be left as it impacts the growth of its student. The Kerala government and Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) Victers channel have made it possible to start the classes for the academic year on its usual time i.e. 1st of June as every year.

    As Kerala had controlled the COVID cases, it conducted its remaining papers for 10th SSC and now has started the new academic year through online medium. Though it's not a full-time class and interactive way this will keep students, parents and teachers on the route and even help to complete their portion on time. The complete details about the channel numbers list, app download link, Time table, etc can be known from their site. The government has made its effort to bring everyone under the umbrella by providing various means to join the online course like;
    - The live session can be attended through their official website of KITE (
    - Students can even view it on their youtube channel - Itsvicters
    - Students can view through any DTH services(TATA Sky, Airtel, Sun Direct, Videocon, Asianet, Den Hathway).
    - They can even download the KITE victers APP from the google play store.

    A good step from the Kerala government and making a way for others to follow and even set an example for others to make it happen. As it will take time for the country to come to the track, a small step will help us to make use of the situation and open a new door and learn new technology to face any situation and overcome it. All the best to students, teachers and parents as they start their new academic year.

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    The First Bell - online classes via TV by KITE, Kerala- is welcomed and appreciated by students and parents. This is the feedback coming from the day one itself.
    The government is continuing the programme on trial basis for a week too. By that time the deficiencies found can be rectified and the online class programme can be fine tuned and stabilised. The government and various organisations are attending to the issue of students not having TV, Smartphone, or Tablet facility. Help have already started pouring. The local schools are taking care of these. It is interesting to know that, on seeing the report that a student has to stand on the terrace to get proper signal coverage, the concerned mobile operator company technicians visited the student and did necessary arrangements like WiFi to enable him get a good signal range.
    So loopholes are plugged and things are improving. Probably other States can also emulate this.

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    Online classes for college students have also started using zoom application. Lecturers are able to reach the students despite a few places where the network is not good.
    Most of the states are considering the education of students and this is time to give preference. Steps are taken to get parents feedback and support but now since all the companies, industries and most of the sectors have started it's productive work, they would not be able to help children.

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