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    Categorisation of writing systems in the world

    There are five primary types of writing systems in the world : Abjads, Alphabets, Syllaberies, Logosyllaberies and Abugidas.
    1. Abjads: Examples of these writing systems are from Middle and Near East. Hebrew and Arabic could be prime examples. The alphabets in Abjads is heavily consonant based and vowels are often omitted. Hence we take the Lord's name as YHWH, when translated from Hebrew to English.
    2. Alphabets: Phoenecians, probably the people living around present day Syria and Israel, were the first to invent alphabets. The above given Abjad could be a descendent of these alphabets. From Phoenecian alphabets, Greek, Latin and Cyrillic(Modern Russian writing language) is developed. Prime difference between Alphabets and Abjads is that Alphabets have vowel sounds that are denoted.
    3. Syllaberies: Japanese can be an example for this. Instead of having an alphabet, Japanese writing is made up of syllables. So to write "Car" you will have to write syllables Ca and ru together.
    4. Logosyllaberies: These are Syllaberies but some of the syllables can mean a whole word. Chinese and Egyptian hieroglyphs are good examples for this. For an instance in Egyptian, instead of writing Horus, you draw a hawk.
    5. Abugidas: This is something South East Asian scripts have in common. We have Indian Barahkhadi, where we find Alphabets and Syllables used. That makes Abugidas a mixture of both Syllaberies and Alphabets. Scripts of India and South East Asia are an example for this.
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    Good information and very educative information from the author and I thank the author for his informative thread.
    Various types of writing systems are discussed.

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    Frankly speaking many of them are not aware of Abjads, Alphabets, Syllaberies, Logosyllaberies and Abugidas and I gained knowledge about the same today. Thanks.
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    My thanks to the author for letting us know the types of writing systems practised all over the world. I was not aware of these and gained an idea that other than alphabets there are other systems too which is practised by people of various countries.

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    In present day English we are supposed to split the word using syllables to get the correct spelling. If we learn the syllables we can master over the spelling mistakes, can express our write-ups using explicit vocabulary.
    Bharakhadi is used in Hindi similar to the kagunitha which we write in Kannada.

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