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    How many days old Ask Expert questions can be answered ?

    The forum section is having a rule which says that one should not pull the threads which are posted before 10 days. If any new member or old member without knowing or by mistaking answering them the points will be changed to negative marking and that thread will be closed.

    Is there any such time period to answer the Ask Experts questions. I have seen some members are answering the questions after a month or even more than a month also. They are getting CC and points for those.

    So I want to get clarification for this point. If there is no such limit members can answer questions even after 3 or 4 months also.
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    There is no such time limit in AE section. However, we discourage pulling old threads in Ask Expert section as well, and therefore such answers are less rewarded.

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    Dr Rao, and also all those have the same doubt, please read the guidelines for posting answers in the Ask Expert section wherein your query has been answered.
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    The link which Saji has provided contains the answer to Dr Rao's query. I can summarise it in one sentence here (as this issue was discussed earlier also in forum) that if after seeing the existing answers if someone can add value by one's answer or add a new dimension then one can answer an old question also without any hitch.
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    Ask Expert section is different from our general forum section. In the forum section, we normally discuss everything that comes to our mind from politics, motivational, religion, science, etc which already has thought to it and only the views on that point are shared by others. Therefore, they have a cut-off of 10 days after which the thread is closed and if it is accidentally not closed won't get any points or even negative marking for the comments or feedback.

    In the Ask Expert section, it is generally a question, query, or doubt that is raised by a person which can be a common one or specialized category which needs to have a valid explanation, solution and remedy.

    There are many queries that go unanswered due to various reasons and if someone searches the unanswered question and feels that he is able to provide an answer to it, I think, ISC has no problem and appreciates the response with points and CC as per the quality and content of the response. On the other hand when some old thread or query is answered from the Ask Expert section that has been already having responses, then the answers will be considered only if it adds value to the query or has better details or information about the query raised.

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    "However, we discourage pulling old threads in Ask Expert section as well, and therefore such answers are less rewarded."
    The above is what I practically see. Recently I posted answer to anv old question by oversight. But I was alerted by the editor and the anser was put pending. I requested them to delete it.

    Bu as Varghese pointe out, ther can be some questions where there can be some updates or fresh inputs which can help a new reader or visitor. Probabaly such answers may be accepted as special cases. Recently I saw few old questions answered.

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    Dr Rao, please confirm whether your doubt has been clarified.
    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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