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    A few points about Cyber safety and precautions to be taken.

    To what extent Cybersecurity is needed for us is to be discussed here. This thread is for those who would like to secure their gadgets and PCs.

    SCERT Telangana had conducted a training program for teachers last month. As part of the training, there were capsules on "Cyber safety and security". In the session, how we can be deceived by cybercriminals was explained in detail. Experts say that even antivirus software installed in PC, if not updated on time with new features that protects PC from malware and ransomware, may not be effective against such crimes.

    They also said that antivirus is important for mobiles also. While using UPI payments, one must be aware of the interface on which it is used. For example, an unknown person sent some money to us. Subsequently, he calls us to request to return the money he has sent by mistake. If we believe this and send the amount to him by UPI system in supported apps such as GooglePay, PhonePe etc, they can immediately trace our pin numbers and withdraw money from our accounts.

    Experts say that prevention is better than cure. Have you had any such experiences and what are your suggestions in such cases?

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    It is really important for all of us to know about cybersecurity since many of our confidential data is stored online and nowadays we carry out a lot of online transactions. Such training on Cybersafety and security is essential as you get to know every detail associated with it. Those who are net savvy have some idea about the precautionary measures but those who are absolutely new in the cyberspace need to be more cautious. One important point mentioned by the author is the use of Antivirus on our mobile devices. We carry a lot of financial transactions through our mobile phone where sensitive information related to those transactions are entered. We must use a good Antivirus for the safety of that sensitive information and never ever share our passwords with anybody. When the data is transmitted online we do not know whether someone somewhere is accessing that data through some means. Many times, cyber frauds occur because of certain human mistakes. A proper training is required so that one can get a good idea of do's and don'ts in the cyberspace. Along with cybersecurity, another important thing is to know the authenticity of websites that we are surfing. One can get a good idea form the six security tips mentioned in this article.

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    This thread gives some basic cyber security precautions to be taken for our smartphones , PCs and Laptops.

    As more and more important transactions and dealings are done on online platforms. cyber security is very important and imperative. A little negligence can lead to loss and tension. Prudent and possible precaution is always needed.

    It is alwys better to install the security software of an establihed and reputed cyber security firm and keep it update always.

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    Cyber security is on call these days. It is really a crucial stage where we tend to loose the hard earned money. We should be carefull and me able to identify with whom we have made our financial transactions.
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    As we all are tech-savvy or more into the usage of internet in our desktop, laptop, smartphones or, the tab for getting updated with the ongoing things, we need to know about the threats of cyberattack that can take away many of our important details, information which can affect very badly in personal and financial life. As we progress and use technology, the threat becomes even easier and it needs to be seen beforehand to be saved from the fraud or misuse of our vital information. Many of us have the habit of updating everything on the net or keeping our important document, details in our system and once they are able to impregnate the security wall of our system, every vital information will be taken away.

    While using the internet, there are some of the common security tips that one needs to follow to be safe from cyber-attacks.
    - Always use a secured link like htpps when using your mobile for bank transactions.
    - Never save or give your password to any person.
    - Never write or save your password on the phone or PC.
    - Always change your password at a frequent interval of 6-8 months.
    - Try to avoid public wifi or when using it, never have a financial transaction.
    - Use good antivirus software on your PC, laptop and phone.

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    This is important information provided by the author and this alert is amply clear that how the cyber crimes are committed without even knowing to the public. What is astonishing to note that when unknown person credits amount through the UPI interface, the details of that person or the organization would be visible to the receiver and also to the police or law enforcing agencies. And in the event of the innocent person falls prey by returning the money the entire pass word and transaction is stolen with balance of money if any. So we have to be very careful with internet transactions.
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    Cyber Security is the need of the hour. We are hearing that there are many cyber cheating cases where people lost their money. Many complaints are registered with police on these cases. So we all should be careful and should have a list of dos and don'ts on the mobile or on the laptop. Then only we will be safe.
    We will be doing many transactions to banks either on our phone or laptop. We should do these transactions only trough your protected email. You should have a complicated but easy to remember password and you should not share it with anybody.
    All financial transaction should be done with wifi which is not accessible by outsiders. In your house you have wifi. Then do all financial transaction online when you are in your home and never use public wifi for the same.
    Like this, there are many points and antivirus is very important for this. So all of us should have antivirus on our phone and laptop.
    Sometime you may receive unwanted calls asking for some information about your cellphone or bank detials. We should not give them.

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