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    Blackboard locates the first learning view point (centre) for children.

    My entry for the topic based TOW contest - Blackboard

    For a Teacher , The Blackboard is a tool through which he/she teach the children the basics of language that is the basement for creating a wonderful opportunity available in the hands of children to face what is life? and how hard it is to face challenges with positive intention and attitude towards their goals.

    For a Student , It is a tool through which he/she learn to face life. Following according to the teacher's guidance they are working hard and smart by avoiding all their unnecessary problems and troubles behind their shoulder not only for to follow it for godsake but also to achieve their goal and also prove about themselves whom they are?

    For a Parent , Blackboard is the first step to begin their children's journey of life. They get relax for a certain period of time about their children future.They feel that, children definitely would become a powerful and talented person to live a better life than the life given by the parents.

    For a society , Blackboard makes children to learn in better way for future citizen by playing as a good role model or a leader for future generation and also make their parents proud.
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    A good thought is scripted by the writer in a lucid and short post. The thought of how a blackboard helps a teacher, a student, a parent and society is explained in a simple form. Though very short, the idea and the thought is very good. Keep up the good work and keep on posting.


    Kindly edit your post and add it as an entry for the Topic based Thread of the week contest - 31 st May to 6th June' 20 - "BLACKBOARD" at the end of the post and also add a hyperlink in the contest post so that the organizer know that you have an entry for the contest and this will even help other members to read your post. Just read and follow the guidelines posted in the contest announcement post. You can even follow the post link provided : Blackboard

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    I don't know the procedure for to add a link .can you help me with guideline.

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    Jannane, first of all, please read this Comprehensive guide for new members and also go through all the links provided therein so that you can proceed without any further confusions. Reading a few of the forum threads will help you to get an idea as to how a thread should be constructed. Don't worry about committing mistakes but you need to have the interest to improve yourself. All of us learn in that manner only.

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    Thank you for your kind guidance but sorry for asking more questions. I have a doubt that either I have to click on create a poll (after opening this it have option 1,2,3,4,5 ) or I have to select a link (weekly active discussion forum)

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    It is a short but meaningful post from the author on the importance of blackboard in the lives of different people such as teachers, students, parents and society.

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    I like to thank you all for encouraging me a lot.once again Thank you

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    You have presented it so crisply but generally these posts are supposed to be a bit more in their size may be say 70 to 150 words on an average. There is nothing so strict about it but that is as per our general understanding about the size of the posts in forum section. You have to give a heading also like 'importance of blackboard in our life and society' or something of that nature instead of writing the name of the contest in the heading. Our editor Saji Ganesh has already provided you the reading material link for learning the subtleties of this site. I hope you would be submitting your entries after all those modifications. All the best.
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    I would suggest you to submit some good forum posts with attractive titles and solid content and then see the response of the fellow members and in the process learn the intricacies of writing. Please start responding to other posts on a regular basis and if you respond to at least 2-3 posts in a day soon you would see the tremendous improvement in your writing and expression. We all have learned writing here only and if some of us were knowing it beforehand then they have improved immensely. This is not a usual chit-chat internet site, this is a place to learn and believe me if you devote time this is a place of serious learning.
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    Thoughts are good but expressing it in an elaborate way by adding few more sentences would be appreciable.
    Change the heading of your thread into a good caption by looking at other members write-ups. Don't use all capital letters. Follow the sentence rules.

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    I have learnt how to post forum but finally I have one doubt that what is website URL and Title. In forum footer I have to write the topic of the discussion in short eloborate and in article footer I have to elaborate the content which given forum footer and Website title : Entry for the topic based TOW contest - blackboard
    Website URL :??
    Whether I have to give a topic of my own idea For example like proverbs ah?

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    Jannane, from your responses above, I doubt whether you have tried to follow the suggestions we have put forth. Please do so for your own good.

    Coming to your query, the title means the heading that you have to provide for the content like the name you give to a book or the heading you give to an article etc. A mere perusal of the threads posted will surely give you an idea. Leave alone the URL part, you need not worry about that when you are posting a thread.

    I suggest you go through the link I have provided above and then raise a separate thread (under Forum>>About India Study Channel>>Problems/Complaints) listing out your doubts so that they can be addressed. Please do not post any further queries here.

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