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This thread has won a special prize in the topic based TOW contest for the week 31st May to 06th June '20.
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    Edify your mind to hallmark a Blackboard for blissful living

    When we think about a blackboard or a chalkboard, some of the common characteristics of it are that it simplifies things of teachers and students. But here I would like you to compare blackboard to our mind and upskill our mind to be one like it. Now, you might be wondering what skill can be compared between our mind and the simple blackboard or chalkboard.

    As the board is black, it highlights anything written over it. When we use white chalk, it is visible to all even from the backbenches. We started using colorful chalks to add more detailing and help in an easy understanding of what is to be taught by the teacher. In the same way, when anything good is seen in others, we need to highlight it and let it grow. Whenever some mistake is done, it is easily erased by a duster without leaving a mark on the board. In the same way, when someone does some wrong to us, let our mind erase the fault without making a scar. During some important days, we wet the chalk and use it to draw or write on the board that remains there for the full day but when a wet cloth is used, it is wiped off easily. In the same manner, when at times, some major mistake or fault is done by other to us, let us take some time and try to wipe-off the mark and let no blotch remain in our mind as the more we carry it with us, the more we get destroyed within.

    Let us try to train our mind to be like a black or chalkboard that has the feature of highlighting the good in others and quash or expunge the bad for our well-being and ecstatic living. The more we train our minds to waive-off the fault in others, the more we will start loving and enjoying life.

    (My entry for the TOW contest - 31st May to 06th June '20 Blackboard )
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    A very good comparison between a blackboard and the human mind. There should not be any scar left on the mind and if there is any we must wipe it out to keep it spotless. Any blemish on the mind will not be able to make us live in a comfortable way. At times, it will be the cause of worry. So, better to keep the mind like a blackboard where important things may be written which are necessary and unimportant or disturbing things can be easily wiped out with an invisible duster.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    An excellent thought. Blackboard helps the students to learn and become good citizens of the country. If our minds also work in a similar way in this world we will have people with more clean and ethical habits.
    Using our mind we should see that the other person will not get hurt but rectify his mistakes. If we can really do it we will see a different society.
    Very good narration by the author and I congratulate the other for his excellent thread.

    always confident

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    Good thread on the TOW topicusing a nice comparison and correlation.
    "Whenever some mistake is done, it is easily erased by a duster without leaving a mark on the board. ". This statement has a lot of practical use in our life.

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    Even though teacher teaches the points but writing the same on black board has the effect on students to jot it down. Same way the mind also grasps all the points taught to us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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