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    Which is your favorite Indian dish and why?

    Which is your most favorite Indian dish? Which dish fills your mouth with water? Which is the most delicious Indian dish you have ever eaten and who cooked it? I am a foodie and my list is pretty long. And so I am interested in knowing yours. I love tomato soup, baingan ka bhartha, sambhar (cooked by elder sister), soya chunks and many more. Chocolates, ice-creams, golgappe/ puchka/ pani puri and bhelpuri are love of my life.
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    First of all I am pure vegetarian. I have tasted almost all dishes in all parts of our India. But as for as my breakfast I prefer Idli or Idiayappam or rice upma as the three has prepared in steam and contains no oil etc., Second choice is ric pongal but many places it is available with more ghee or oil and further this makes the stomach full for many hours.
    For Lunch I prefer Rice with rotis, sambar,rasam,curd based on any state preparation either Tamilnadu, Gujarati, Karnataka or Andhra but rice is a must. On no account I compromised with prepared rice such as Briyani, Tamarind rice, vegitable rice etc., for lunch and in case no rice with sambar etc., I took only curd rice. For night any item with any side dish I took.

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    Pulihora or yellow rice or tamarind rice is one of my favourite Indian dish. I am a pure vegetarian. Pulihora is usually made with tamarind juice or lemon juice. I like much the Pulihora made with tamarind juice. Usually it is served as prasadam in temples and that will be very tasty. If you eat any number of times this dish we never get aversed. Tirumala Tirupati laddu and Tirumala Vada prasadam are one other things I like most. Perugu Vada, Chakralu, Jilebi, Kaja, Puri, Gongura chutney, Aavakai, Brinjal curry are the other dishes I like most.

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    I like Pesarattu with Upma. I am a south Indian and I am a pure vegetarian. In our house, my mother cooks varieties of dishes and my wife also. My mother makes sambar in a very tasty way. I like to eat idly and sambar made by her.
    My wife is an expert in making varieties of Dosas. She is an expert in making Ravva Dosa and Pesarattu. I like pesarttu and upma combination. I like this item made by her. These items I will take as Dinner or breakfast. I fond of eating Pullihors made by my wife. It is called tamarind rice and will be very tasty.

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    I have interest in cooking as well as I am getting some of my novel recipes published also in some internet sites. As far as my liking is considered I like Aaloo Parotha, Paneer Masala, Arhar (Tuhar) dal, Hyderabadi vegetable biryani, Upma, Stuffed tomatoes etc. I prefer to take the vegetables with Chapati or Poori. Coming to the snacks I like Samosa, Aaloo Tikki, Poha etc. Due to the age and health reasons we cannot take these spicy things on a regular basis but yes once in a while we enjoy these delicious foods. Indian cuisine is full of surprises and is being relished all over the world.
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    Every dish is a delicious dish if prepared properly. I like soft jasmine-like idly. I like thin crispy Dosai with tomato chutney. I like Idiyappam with coconut milk and sugar. Pongal is my special choice. These are Breakfast items.

    Now coming to Lunch. The first choice is Rice and Fish curry. Second is - Rice, Moong dal and Mixed vegetable (Aviyal). The third is - Rice, Chicken curry with curd, Pickle and Papad.

    Abot Dinner. Kanji, Payaru, Appalam, pickle. Or Puttu, Payaru, Banana, Appalam and Sugar.

    Out of the North Indian dishes, I like Aaloo Paratha with curd, pickle and sugar.

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    My favourite dish is chappathis. I like to relish with coconut chutney, onion chutney and any vegetable curry. Chappathis also tastes good with sugar and melted ghee.
    My breakfast can be filled with masala dosa, pongal with side dishes. Actually without side dishes I don't take any meal of the day. More than the main food side dishes are my first preference.
    Lunch can be rice and sambar filled with veggies. It can be radar with papas. Curd rice adds satisfaction as a part of my lunch. Dinner can be dosa, chappathi or rice. Greens and vegetable curry can be consumed with rice served hot.

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    India is a home of mixed culture, language and tradition, the same is reflected in the food. As we go from north to south or East to West, the food and its preparation changes. We have a variety of food to try for and every person may like one or the other food from different parts of our country. Some like sweet, some sour, some plain, some spicy, some tangy some mixed and everything is available in our country. Many of the members have mentioned vegetarian food and here, I would like to name a few non- veg food items to the list that I like. Being from the south, I like spicy food the best and the list may have all the spicy names.
    In Fish: Fish Molee(basically made with coconut milk), Karimeen or the Pearl Spotted Fish fry, Prawns masala, Crab Masala, Bombay duck Rava Fry,
    In Beef: Beef Dry Fry, Thattukada Beef Curry, Keema Matar,
    In Chicken: Chicken Chettinad, Murgh Musallam, Chicken Tikka, Butter chicken, Kundapura Chicken Curry,
    In Mutton: Rogan Josh,
    In Pork: Pork Vindaloo, Chilly pork/Pork chili fry, Pork sorpotel,
    Biryani: Kozhikodan and Hydrabadi biryani
    Sweet dishes: Pooran-Poli, Modak, Gajar halwa, Payasam, Mishti Doi and lassi, Rosgulla,
    Snacks: Malpua/Malpoa, Samosas, Vadapav and Pav bhaji, Golgappe, Missal/ussal pav, Kabab, Momos, dosas, etc.

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    For me the mixed vegetable fried rice is the most liked food item and I myself has the ability to prepare the same to the guest of at least 10 members. What I add as the vegetable mix like sliced potato, beans, Shimla Mirchi. onions, and carrot, First I put the oil and masala items like laung, elaichi, patta along with green chillies, rai and jeera, once they are fried add the salt , rice to the ingredients and pour water to the desired level and close the cooker. Just two whistle is enough to have the best Hyderabad Biryani experience. Since the vegetables are added, people would have the same without asking for chutney or raitha.
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