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    Are foreign students in the educational institution & is that the campus?

    You may have seen slides of images on the home pages of many schools, colleges, and universities in India in which there is a group of students with foreign students prominently among them. It always raises a doubt in my mind whether there genuinely are students from abroad who are enrolled in that academic institution. The images just look like stock images of students that would be available on the Net.

    Then there are the impressive photos of the campus infrastructure. While the photos of the general exterior layout may be as it actually is, I often wonder if the labs that are shown really do have all that equipment that is displayed, whether the sports facilities actually exist, whether the hostel rooms are as well-maintained as shown, and so on. If you check out reviews, you may just find that the reality is far from all those photos. What do you think? Gimmicks, just gimmicks?
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    Yes. Many of the private institutions do such gimmicks only. They use photos of some other institute also by doing some editing using the software techniques available. I interacted with one of my friends who work in a private college and he said the same.
    Some corporate colleges use the names of the first and second rankers even though they are not from their institute. They go and consult the parents of those students and take permission from them to use their son's / daughter's photo and name. For that, they may pay some money also to the parents.
    They show so many facilities on their website and when we actually go and visit we will not find even 50% of the facilities they have shown on their website.

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    It is mostly advertisement. Some of the pictures could be the snap taken just after the completion of the buildig and infra structures. So we may see a well painted attractive building, classrooms with all new polished furnitures,lbrary wih clean atmosphere and a shelf full of books and a well equipped lab. The library and lab may or can be the stoc shots or photoshop or using some software.

    The 'foreign' students may be the models engaged by the advertising firm or stock photos obtained by the advertising firm in some arrangement.

    However after the opening and functioning the schools and institutons take the real scene pictures and videos. So some of them are real and genuine also. In big cities there are students from foreign nations- mostly the children of those citizens staying in India on some assignment or employment. In institutions teaching Fine arts, languages , regional arts and music etc there are many students from abroad.

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    Local students can have a check on the infrastructure as they will have their seniors from same locality, school friends, neighbours, relatives or cousins. They can visit the college to get the details also.
    The students who are coming from out of the state and country go by the website Adonis guided by agents who serve as middleme and make their business deals.
    A few educational institutions work on genuine interest and build their name through facts and figures which will be authentic. They may also use sister institutions photograph in their website to justify the same.

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    It is the marketing technique to use the images of foreign students studying in the campus so as to give the feeling of greatness and pride of the institution to get more admissions this year. As of now the education sector is in quandary and every management is trying woo the students to its fold. It is best to visit the campus or the college personally and ask for the tour with the principal before deciding on the admission. When my boy chosen a college for his Chemical Engineering, before paying the fees and deciding, the college authorities took us around the live classes and we get to know the details personally.
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    What Dr Rao shared in his response seems to be more the likes of shady doings rather than a mere gimmick. Faking details about supposed ranks of non-existent students is really the depths of unprofessionalism.

    There are a few institutions where they genuinely may have students from other countries studying with them. For example, there are international schools which give admission to the wards of Diplomats and quite a few universities in India enroll students from other Asian countries or from Africa.

    In the case of campus infrastructure, institutes should allow students to visit and check out the facilities prior to paying the fees, as was the case for K Mohan, and not after. It is unfair to take a huge sum of money, especially those paying hostel fees, for non-existing or poor facilities. Some students who are unable to visit the campus due to being from another city and come straight at the time of the interview also may be unable to actually check out things. It is possible that students, on discovering the true state of things, fear speaking up as they do not want to be suspended and lose out on an academic year, especially when the fees are non-refundable. They just accept the situation as it is and somehow cope, with no choice really. How such institutes even get approval is a big question mark.

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    I have noticed the images of foreign students even at websites of pre-schools, something that is definitely not genuine. The images will also show the toddlers playing with some toys that are unlikely to be even available in our markets.

    Such eyewash is similar to those print advertisements in which foreign models are posing with the product or the service offered. Just advertising sales gimmicks, nothing else.

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