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    Which entrepreneur business would you start?

    The Prime Minister Narendra Modiji has announced so many packages during these days. One amongst them is the loan facility for SME's and MSME's. Given an opportunity to avail Rs. 10,000/- as an investment amount with 2% interest, ( these figures are imaginary) which business would like to start?

    Would you like to invest in masks which is required by every individual or would you take up any minor spare parts, assemble parts to be supplied to industries?

    Suggest few ideas to develop you as an entrepreneur. All the members can be an entrepreneur as we are well educated. This is the time to tune our inert thoughts.

    Which area would you choose to establish a business entity?
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    A lady whose husband is a handicapped person started to stitch masks at home and sold it with the help of her husband to earn and made a living. This is the time to show our creativity and grab the opportunities to make a living.
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    With ten thousand as investment nothing big can be thought and implemented business wise but there are avenues and ways to earn even through this amount. Take orders from the house holds or the elder persons what they need and supply the same from purchasing in whole sale shops. Surely the money can be earned and decent income is assured at the end of the day. Or go for flowers like jasmine or other flowers which can be woven as Mala and thus for the that kind of petty requirements there are demand. But educated people would be shying to do the small business. Another thing possible is to make sanitizers at the home from the raw materials brought from the market, pack it in small bottles with sprayer and that can be supplied in companies where each employee would buy one.
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    Though Rs 10000/- is a meagre amount but if one has a specific purpose of utilisation of the same with the raking up some profit, such bussiness can be undertaken. In the present time, wearing of masks is mandatory because of prevalence of COVID 19. With a little training, the end product will fetch profit and the market will absorb such product because of greater demands of these products.
    Similarly the business of sensitisation can be undertake with the use ethyl alcohol, glycerine and other chemicals. The final product would definitely help a lot of the people in process of sensitisation. Though in the market, we can see how profiteers are making huge money by selling sensitisers at whopping amounts.

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    Many people are going for stitching of masks. In our street, one lady is doing this and her husband is going for selling the same. If we can invest a little more money up to 5 or 6 lakhs, we can go for a supply of sanitizer. Three chemicals are required and one packing machine is required. Here also the main question is marketing.
    Another interesting and good area of working is the supply of some eatables made in the house in the area we live in. A lady was doing the catering business. But now she has no business. So what she is doing is that she making some pickles. papads and other items and supplying to known people. Because they know her many people are taking from her. Now that can be a good business.
    But these are all may not be for a long time. After some time the usage of sanitizer or masks may come down. At that time the requirement may come down. For a long time, we should think of having a small tutorial class for less number of students in the house. We can now start with minimum students and once the threat of this COVID 19 comes down we can increase the number.

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    One has to first consider the resources (materials, equipment, skilled workers) available to start the business and then whether all this would fit in that amount of 10k.

    Those who are making masks should be aware that for proper protection against the virus, as advised by WHO it should be of three layers. You could have a look at the video on fabric masks which mentions the three layers: When and how to use masks.

    [Sheo Shankar Jha - I think you mean sanitization and not sensitisation.]

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    Being a housewife I have interest in housekeeping and interior decoration. I can think of making a group of like minded ladies and then give consultancy or even service to people who are very busy but want that their houses are well maintained. For a reasonable fee we can visit their houses and organise the indoor items in a proper and useful way. In metros and big cities there is definitely scope for this work and it can be undertaken and I hope that it would be a good business after it gets fancy of the upper strata of the society. Any such idea takes time in implementation in the initial stages but slowly it gathers momentum.
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