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    Kerala decision to send doctors and nurses to Maharashtra commendable

    At this time of hour Maharashtra is the only state fighting with more cases and leading the largest number of positive patients in the country and even the death toll is also more. Having seen the plight of Corona warriors who are unable to cope with with rush in patients, the Kerala government has agreed to send doctors , nurses and health workers for rendering services in Maharashtra which is commendable gesture. Like wise all the state where the cases are less, they can also send the medical team to Maharashtra. This way we can help each other states.
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    Maharashtra being a metropolitan city, we have people from every corner of our country staying and making a living for them and their family. When we look at Mumbai especially during the pandemic crisis, it is very alarming to know that the cases are increasing every day. The government of Maharashtra is doing its best to get control over the situation but due to various reasons, the situation is getting worse and it is time for other states to help them cope in this situation. There are many states who are able to bring the cases under control by their efficient measures and support from every one of that state. As Kerala is taking a small step to help Maharashtra in fighting the pandemic, let other states come out and make an effort to bring the rising situation under control of the financial city that helps everyone to make a living. It is not only about Maharashtra but for every other state that needs help need to look on so as to make it overcome and control the spreading of the virus. Let this small move inspire another state to lend helping hand in any form to other states and help the country to come back on the track and be a role model to other countries.
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    More than the government we should appreciate the doctors and health workers of Kerala who did their job well in Kerala and who are ready to go to Maharastra for serving mankind. It is a good gesture from the government of Kerala and we should appreciate them for their good gesture.
    There are many states where the cases are less and they have more qualified manpower. So those States should also depute their force to Maharastra or if required to Tamilnadu also and see that the required treatment to the patients will be given.
    Whatever help is need to the States which are suffering heavily can be rendered by the other States where the cases are under control. Maharashtra is the State which is getting more cases daily and always on the first place on the list. Many efforts are required by the government as well as the people are required to bring the position under control.

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