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    What is the probability of Mr.Trump getting elected as US President for the second term?

    Mr.Trump was elected as President of the USA with promises of Americans first by providing all facilities to them especially in the job sector. After getting elected as President, Mr.Trump made so many controversial reforms that made him to an enemy to foreigners and even with his country people. Due to bad management, more than one lakh people died in America due to COVID. He became infamous due to untimely statements given on national and international platforms. At present, due to the death of a civilian in police custody, his government is facing severe opposition from the public. In this grave situation, Mr.Trump is going for election campaigning for the second term. What is the probability of Mr.Trump getting elected again as President of the USA? Members, please share your views.
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    According to latest survey conducted by ABC News/Washington about upcoming elections in November 53 percent of registered voters said that they would like to see Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee as their next president, compared with 43 percent who said they would vote for Trump, the Republican candidate.

    The ABC-Post poll was conducted largely before protests and riots began spreading across the country after George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died in Minneapolis police custody.
    It is not clear how the pandemonium that unfolded in major cities; and also Trump's harsh rhetoric regarding the protests, will affect the president's approval among Americans.

    Earlier his controversial statements were also severely criticised might affect his popularity in forthcoming elections.

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    I don't think he will come back to power. He is having no good name within the country also. People expected a lot from him but nothing happened as expected. Another big failure is that the country is the worst hit due to COVID 19.
    Probably the way in which he handled the situation is never appreciated by any person in the country. This will be a big negative to him. Another point is the ongoing civilian problem and many are against him. This is evident from the situation prevailing there. We don't know whether any miracle in the last moment may give him a chance but as of now, he stands no chance.

    always confident

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    Mr Trump won't Triumph. He has earned the wrath of his own public. He has mishandled the Pandemic. He is a rich president who is not much interested in the welfare of people. No second term for this guy. He is finished.
    No life without Sun

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    Whatever, the initiatives were taken from Mr Trump in the past, the results were not impressive and favourable to USA citizens. In the initial phase when the spread out of corona was at the initial stage, the situation was handled in the lacklustre way however, steps taken at the later stage did not produce effective results.
    The largest set back could be seen with the death of George Floyd under the Police Custody and he being a black raced man, his death has created the turbulence in the entire country and curfew was clamped in as many as 20 cities. So far there is no sign of the normalisation of the situation. His aggressive nature in dealing with the issues is putting his administration to a big question mark.
    If such a situation persists for sometime, it will no go in favour of Mr, Trump and he has to pay a heavy price in the next election due on November this year.

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    The latest development for the past three days where in country wide protest is going on against the killing of a black by the Police has created a massive protest and added to that those who are coming out in support are tear gassed and lathi charged which further angered the protests. President Trump unable to contain the riots which looted the malls and dosed the vehicles. All this point out that Trump has been losing his popularity and his handling of Covid 19 pandemic was worst and every American were angry. And they will show their further anger through the ballots when elections takes place.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A ruling person would always be at a disadvantage as opposition parties would like to take advantage from his mistakes however small they might be. Another thing is anti establishment patterns in the society. People are never happy with a ruler. They want change. Even if the new incumbent is worse than the earlier. This is human psychology for change and opposition parties always take mileage from it. So we cannot say at this time anything but the things are more against him than in favour and the people of US have to decide his faith in the crucial times to come.
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