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    A blackboard in an old small mini conference room

    This is a small story about an old mini conference room where a blackboard was mounted in one of the walls. It was a small old room, arranged in shape of a mini conference room where there were 10-15 chairs placed opposite the blackboard in a round shape where the people could sit while someone explains something on the blackboard. It was once full of activities and people from different sections or departments used to book it for their discussions or short presentation on some official matter or matter of common interest. It was always on demand. An attendant used to be there who helped in cleaning the blackboard and arranging things like water, chalks or stationary on a central elongated table. It used to have its own ambience in those times. It was a place where many vital decisions were taken by the management in consultation to its top employees. But things changed with time. In a bid to modernise the office premises, a new conference hall was built where all modern facilities like overhead projector, white board, individual microphone for speaking were installed and slowly all the important meetings, presentations were shifted to that hall. It was only when there were more such meetings or group discussions that those people who did not get the new hall came to it to use it. So discussion or presentation activities in this room went down to only 3-4 times in a month and practically it was lying unused. The attendant was also shifted to the new hall and people using the old one were asked to manage the small petty things themselves. So such changes take place in organisations and offices when a new facility is created. It is said that the old gives way to the new and it was true in this case also.

    This is my entry for the month end TOW contest on the topic - Blackboard.
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    It reminded me of reading an autobiography of either the blackboard or the small mini-conference room. The story is heart touching and reminds us that as time flies, the old has to give way for the new to grow and this is the way of life. As science and technology advances so also these types of old usage will diminish and new ways will come-up. In many schools, the blackboard has been changed to the white, green, or digital board and also the way of teaching has changed. But one thing is to remain for sure, that is the foundation from what it has evolved and that is what everyone needs to remember. There is a Bollywood movie named " Chalk n Duster" starring Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Zarina Wahab in the lead roles that showcases the changes in our educational system and the problem faced by old teachers during the course from the management. Good entry for the TOW contest from the writer.
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    Many times in many issues it happens. We leave below old fashions and go with the new fashions. But some people are there where they will not change the room but they will change the infrastructure inside the room. A typical conference hall will have a board, and individual chairs and microphones and an overhead projector. The old items in the room can be replaced with new items. The room can be whitewashed and painted so that it will look nice. Why I mentioned this is that we did the same in our Organisation. In our manufacturing facility, we have a room which we were using as a conference room. Initially, we have chairs and a blackboard. The same room even today is being used as a conference hall. but now we will find all the latest tools in the conference room. Overhead projector and computer and lamp top connecting facility and a white screen. Individual microphone and very comfortable chairs. If we see that room we will never think that the room was used from the last 30 years.
    A good topic by the author and very well narrated story. I wish him all the best.

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    Congratulations to the author for coming up with such a unique idea and peculiarly representing the blackboard in his post. It is sad but true that the old gives way to the new. Gone are the days when blackboard used to be the centre of attraction of everything. Whether it was a nursery school or a university classroom, teaching was considered to be impossible in the absence of it. The author has described how the blackboard has lost its importance in the modern-day conference room with the arrival of a whiteboard, projector and other equipment.

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