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    If only this news is true..

    There is a big rumour that Mr.H.V. Kamath, the most accomplished banker of India, is set to become India's Finance Minister. We have had the worst and most insensitive Finance Minister of India, Ms Nirmala Sitharaman. She is an absolute disaster and an embarrassment for the nation as a whole.

    Let us welcome Mr Kamath and give him all the support.
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    This rumour was doing the rounds a few months back and now it has been again brought to the fore by some vested interests. And it is still a rumour only but the revival is akin to the trial runs resorted to by the centre in many cases. H.V. Kamath is no doubt, an accomplished banker. But his track record is not unblemished. He has been named in two bank fraud cases, one involving Prannoy Roy and the other one related to Videocon.

    The only positive in his favour seems to be the fact that he is a close associate of the Ambani family and this, I believe must be one of the reasons why his name is doing the rounds.

    All that apart, with Shri Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, I doubt whether it would make any difference whether the late Arun Jaitley or Nirmala Sitaraman or H.V. Kamath is the finance minister; their words and acts are always scripted and prompted by the single-man power centre.

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    The author is always blaming the lady finance minister of India. If at all if anybody is to be blamed is Prime Minister. This is confirmed by the post of our Lead Editor also. It is a collective decision or the decision of PM. Then why should we blame the finance minister? I say whatever she has done she did them right and there is nothing criticise her.

    This is a rumour and I don't think at this moment the Prime Minister will change the Finance Minister. Majority of us are of the opinion that the issues will be decided by the PM only. Then it may not make much difference by changing and bringing a new accomplished finance man as finance minister. It may be like our Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister under Sonia Gandhi.
    I think the present PM, HM and FM is the best combination to go ahead in this present situation,

    always confident

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    Rao Sir, Dr. Manmohan Singh did a wonderful job. If you had known the havoc caused to the economy after the 2008 global crisis, you will know that it was Dr. Manmohan Singh who ensured some 5.7 GDP growth. This lady FM is most insensitive to ground realities. If what you are saying is true, then she needs some spine to tell her PM that whatever he is doing is just not doing anything good to the nation.

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    Mr Kamath may have been a successful corporate executive and leader. But he also needs to have some political wavelength with the ruling party. A Finance Minister role is not that of a corporate executive or a rule complying bureaucrat. It needs to include some political vision and pragmatism staying within the broad financial discipline and Macro and Micro level understanding of the country's financial problems.
    FM will be subjected to various types of pressures and pulls –internal external and international level. There will be political and practical commitments to be complied for the survival and existence of the government itself. There will be equal and opposite pulls like from that of employers and employees; exporters and importers, manufacturers and users etc etc. One action taken may favour one and antagonise the other. It will be a deft aerobatic and acrobatics.
    Moreover there will be very high voltage planted criticism from vested interests. That is why a politically experienced person with qualification can be more suitable. As of now personally I feel Kamath may not be a suitable person.
    I see that at the Minister of State in Finance Ministry is showing promise .

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    The Minister of State was associated with the BCCI. His record of understanding and articulating on any economic issue reflects a situation where does not even understand the basics; the only very knowledgeable person is Dr. Subramaniam Swami. But he will not be appointed as he might overshadow the PM himself; he is too intelligent.

    The intellectual famine in the ruling dispensation is being probed day after day and for the common man, there is nothing to cheer about.

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    At this juncture, Mr Subramanyam Swamy is the right person to hold the portfolio of Finance Minister. He is an old but active and experienced person in Economics. If at all our PM want to make a change, he should consider Swamy for the post.
    No life without Sun

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    It is not easy to assess the performance and the work of a Finance Minister as economics is a deeper subject and what we see on surface is sometimes the tip of the iceberg. People may have their own biasing to the Ministers or other eminent people but whoever is working for the whole nation and society is to be appreciated. Sometimes these decisions of changing a Minister level person are taken from the level of Prime Minister and if it so then the new incumbent would be joining sooner or later. How he would perform would be known only after some time.
    Knowledge is power.

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    We cannot access the real picture how our present Finance Minister is charging her duty, may be she is not in a position to take independent decision because of imposition of certain pressure. Even she would not be able to provide any explanation which the curious citizens would like to know the reasons for such decision.
    If the final decision is taken after the approval of the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister does not have any option but to accept the same, nothing will change the economic condition.
    However, the present condition due to spread the COVID 19 is critical and under the current situation, no miracle can be expected currently.

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    As of now PM Modi has expressed his happiness with the functioning of Sitaraman as the FM and no complaints. But India wants to stand on self reliant plank and need a most vibrant person to handle the Finance and surely PM Modi would be having a confident person for this covet post. Let us wait and watch.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The first thing that should happen to this country is to have a very intelligent and also sensitive FM. When one says sensitive, what mean is that he or she should know the demands of the current situation and then act; and not talk philosophies and behave like an illiterate.

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    The present finance Minister is doing a good job and taking care of the many segments of the society. The job of the FM is not as simple as we presume. It requires hard work and continuous efforts. Still, if the Govt wants it can always change them or replace with another more able person. It is the usual process and there is nothing wrong in it. Shuffling of Ministries is a normal thing in democratic set up.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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