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    Blackboard- a unique invention

    Before the invention of blackboard the students would use their individual slates for study and teacher would teach all his students one by one with the help of their individual slates.
    In 1801, James Pillans of Scotland, found a solution of this problem by inventing the first blackboard when he hung a large piece of slate on the classroom wall. It was proved as the first revolutionary step in the field of education which caused a big change in the method of teaching.

    The scholars appreciated the inventor of the blackboard in these words "the inventor or introducer of the system deserves to be ranked among the best contributors to learning and science, if not among the greatest benefactors of mankind"

    I think it was the greatest invention of modern age which helped to mould the common and ordinary students into genius and great scientists who benefited the world by their inventions and discoveries,

    Over the time, the color was changed from black to green or white, nevertheless, it's still called 'blackboard', the screen on which the images of nation builders of the next generation are reflected.
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    An invention that was inspired by a wall hung has changed the whole world and has brought in the best in everybody to evolve. The invention of Blackboard as mentioned by scholars to be ranked among the best contributors to learning and science, if not among the greatest benefactors of mankind stands true to itself. When we were a child, we were given slates to learn writing and that was the miniature form of the blackboard. From scribbling to writing with a shaky hand and then to learn the best form as possible from the deserved invention of the blackboard that sparked the headmaster while teaching geography to his class.
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    Yes. The author has given a piece of very good information about the invention of the blackboard. Many of us used blackboard but we never know who invented this and how this blackboard concept has found its way into the classroom.
    It is the starting of revolution in teaching methods when first the blackboard was inducted in the classroom. We might have changed the blackboard and we may be using a whiteboard or digital boards. But the concept is the same with all these tools. So we should give importance to the invention of the blackboard.

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    The author has very well used the word blackboard in his post and given valuable information about its discovery. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Necessity is the mother of invention. James Pillans of Scotland came up with the idea of hanging a large slate to cut down the time of teaching every single student on their slates. The earlier method of teaching consumed a lot of time, and it was not an effective means to provide quality education to everyone. Therefore, the blackboard was a revolutionary invention which helped millions to learn and teach and this discovery is still changing and shaping the lives of millions.

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    I was also thinking to make a write up on these lines. It is good that you have done it and we are saved from duplication. Blackboard is a great invention. Yo can address a large gathering with it. Today so many replacements are there due to technological advancements but blackboard is still the most elegant and unforgettable thing that we remember from our school time. It is so easy to use, easy to maintain and cheaper option but delivering same level of knowledge that is imparted by the modern hi-fi gadgets. I salute to our old magnificent blackboard for inculcating so many educational things in our lives.
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