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    Blackboard is the main weapons for the teacher

    A teacher should enter the classroom as a soldier goes to the border. It means a teacher should prepare himself before entering the classroom. A soldier needs weapons to fight similarly, Blackboard is the main weapon for the teacher.

    A teacher should know to use this weapon in the proper way otherwise this weapon will lose its value. A teacher prepares his lesson plan before entering the classroom and he uses the blackboard according to his lesson plan.

    A soldier fights with the enemy of the country and helps in the developing the country similarly, a teacher fight with the biggest problem of the country which is illiteracy and helps in making good citizen of India and he uses blackboard to develop a good citizen of India.

    Blackboard is black in colour but it is the main weapon to remove the darkness of illiteracy and is used to develop the nations by teachers for making good citizens of India.

    This is my entry for TOW contest.
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    A good comparison by the write of a soldier with his weapon on the border to save the country from intruders, the same way, the teacher is with their weapon of the board and chalk fights to eradicate the illiteracy in our country and remove the darkness from their minds. For any nation to develop and succeed, it needs to have its masses educated so as to know the difference between the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the truth and false, the genuine and fake, etc. It is easy to distract or divert illiterate people but the learned will always search for the right which will help to know the best for them, their family, society and the nation. When the teacher uses his/her weapon properly, they are actually preparing the army to face any situation in the future and this is where the real foundation starts. We know that for any building to stand, we need a good foundation, so also a teacher is the one who provides the best foundation to his/her students that is the future of the country.
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    Nice. Teacher protects the country by giving education to tomorrow's citizens and soldiers protect the country from enemy countries. Both are playing a crucial role in the development of the country. But soldiers are nothing to do with teachers. But teachers are the makers of soldiers also. So first we should salute the teachers as they have inculcated patriotism in the mind of some students and thus made them as soldiers. Good comparison.
    Like a weapon in the hands of the soldiers, a teacher has a blackboard and a chalk piece and a duster to fight the illiteracy in the students and make them literate. These days we are getting more opens like TVs, computers, mathematical models etc to the teachers but the main weapon is that blackboard only.
    The teacher's efficiency will be known based on his utilisation of blackboard. The teacher makes the students also to utilise the blackboard to know how much they are understanding from his teachings.

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    The author has raised a good thread where he has compared teachers with soldiers and blackboards with weapons. Though blackboard is black in clour, this black coloured board can effectively get rid of darkness from a student's life and brighten the future. Education and awareness brought in the lives of millions through this simple equipment can shape their future in the best way.

    Teachers are no less than soldiers. Teachers should know how to make the best use of the blackboard and teach effectively so that their teaching benefits all or at least reach out to the maximum. A weapon such as a blackboard can in no time get rid of illiteracy.

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    Good post by the author. A blackboard is a good tool in the hands of the teacher to enlighten the pupil and educate them. Blackboard is in use for quite a longer time in schools and other educational institutions and is the place where teacher has to present his teaching skills in a manner which is beneficial to the students in understanding the subject in details. I remember some of our teachers were so meticulous in using this tool that when they finished the class there were so many sections on the board which were still available for students to see and note down if they had forgotten to do so earlier. Using this tool effectively and efficiently is an art and some of our teachers were expert in that arena.
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