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    Blackboard gives light to aspirants in their life

    Black board is a major tool to a teacher to enlighten the student or aspirants.

    'Guru' means a person who removes darkness in mind. A teacher is considered as Guru as he is enlighten the student or aspirants from their doubt through clarifications.

    A Teacher clarifies the doubts of a student whether he is asking directly or not. He, teacher, can identify the students whether he/she is following his instructions / teaching. By sitting in a chair at one corner of the classroom a teacher can identify the student who is not getting his point of teaching.
    Even today I remember the teachings of our college lecturers in the subjects Economics, Business Management etc.,
    A blackboard is a tool through which a teacher can explain his points by his writing. A lecturer of our college during 1975, Mr.Dayalan, who took Economic and Commercial Geography subject for our B.Com class, just show on the blackboard with his hand where the mexico situates, London situates etc., by assuming the blackboard itself as a world map. When we see the world map in our hand the place where he put his hand on the blackboard exacts the place what he marks. Though the years passed I remember his name and way of teaching means this is the capacity of Guru.
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    Yes. A good teacher makes a mark in our lives and his teachings can't be forgotten any time. For such a teacher blackboard will come in handy to express themselves clearly.
    During M.Sc we had a professor by the name Prof. LSA Diksthilu. He was an excellent teacher and used to gives is beautiful examples which we never forget. He was teaching is quantum mechanics. He is talking about electrons getting to the orbitals. He wanted to tell us an electron will never share a suborbital until all the suborbital are filled with at least one electron. For this, the example he has given is that when we get into a bus we want to occupy a seat which is completely vacant. If there are no completely vacant seats, then only we will prefer sitting in a seat where already one person is sitting. Those days whenever I get into a bus I used to recollect the orbital filling theory.
    Always good teachers are able to impress the students with their beautiful methodology of teaching. We should respect such teachers.

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    All the big people of our country are the true learners through black board and they used to revive the portions once the class is over because what ever written on the board will not be swiped off until the students get to understand and in those days every one does not have the facility and ability to have the note books to jot it down and therefore they used to visit again the class and re read all the things written on the board by the teacher. That way many used to do their extra learning and memorizing the things and that helped them to write the right answers during the exams and got them good marks.
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    As mentioned, Guru or Teacher' means a person who removes darkness in the mind of a person or student by giving him the knowledge and making him/her understand. Though teacher teaches, he/she uses blackboard to make sure that every person sitting in the class understands what he/she teaches. We know that when we hear a speech, for the first 5-10 minutes, we may be attentive but as time passes, we get distracted and it is very essential for a teacher to keep the children eager and focused on what they are teaching. The best method is to interact with then. Blackboard during that time was a tool to make a clean and clear presentation of what the topic, he/she is teaching by writing, bullets, drawing, etc. With proper teaching methods, a teacher is able to illuminate a light in the mind of his pupil and help him/her to gain knowledge.
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    A good teacher uses the blackboard in an optimised way. It is a great tool in their hands and some of the teachers use it very effectively also. All the knowledge dissipates from the blackboard only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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