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    Given alerts to be heard at least though not following

    Alerts are given in normal course only to protect the recipients. This may be particularly to one or in general. A warning of one way traffic board may be set aside by the pedestrians but even cyclist it is more important. Similarly a warning of dead-end in a street helps the user to avoid wastage of time in moving there. Warning of rainfall or cyclone by the meteorological department should not set aside by the ship movers, fishermen as it plays with their life. Fishermen cannot think who the official of that department to protect them, as the department cannot know any individual fisherman. Similarly all ethics irrespective of religions are giving warnings and alerts on the forthcoming disasters. Whether wanted or not, to safe our country and people, the alerts given in the ethics etc., should be followed.
    Cycle of birth and deaths are inevitable as human birth is the topmost birth among the 84 lakhs of birth and deaths - which can be divided into egg born,seed born,sweat born and womb born each of 21 lakh) We can realize the 84 by seeing them through our present eye. Human birth only can discriminate the good and bad and in that birth only a human can avoid bad things and pave his way to moksha (here moksha cannot be identified as a place but is the liberation from the 84 lakhs). In almenac etc, it has been mentioned about the Virus attack, tremors etc., why do not the alerts can be heard and got alert ourselves.
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    True. We should care about the alerts. Sometimes our mind will be giving alerts to us to be careful. If we ignore we will get into troubles. Many warnings we may be seeing while we are driving a car and please give importance to those alerts and drive accordingly. Then you will be safe. Many people think that nothing will happen to us and ignore those alerts. But they will be paying the penalty heavily. When we have health problem initially the body will be giving some alerts. We should take them seriously and take the advice of the doctor. If we ignore the same problem, the illness will go further and it may acute.
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    It is the responsibility of the Govt or local administration to issue warnings and alerts time to time whenever there is some eventuality is expected from natural sources or man made sources. The purpose of these alerts is only to save human lives. Unfortunately many people take these warnings lightly and use their own wisdom and sometimes perish also. It is really very negligent and careless attitude to ignore warnings of any kind and we should give them full importance and use our mind to understand the various apprehensions behind those alerts.
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