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    It's all about the timing

    You put a vessel of milk on the gas. Just for a nano-second, and I mean literally a really tiny bit in time, you look away to reach for something on the table, maybe a spoon to stir the coffee brewing in the vessel on another burner. The milk gives a joyous burst and exuberantly spills over the edge, excited to explore what's outside that vessel.

    You reach out for a container on the shelf. You hear a noise and turn slightly. In some inexplicable fashion, your hand hits another container and topples off the shelf and hits the floor. For some unfathomable reason, it seems the lid of that container was not as fully closed as you thought. Invariably, what was in it will be something that loves a vast reach so it will be scattered here, there, everywhere, and you have the annoying chore of collecting it all from nooks and corners. Sigh...

    I am sure at some time or the other such poorly timed 'look-away' actions have brought grief, and not necessarily only in the kitchen.
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    Yes the life is all about timing and missing things in gap of seconds. The other day I was watching a video where in the boys were probably doing tiktok small video in which they were riding on a cart laden by buffalo. Normally buffalo are not tried for the cart and only oxen were used. And may be this idea hit their mind started hooting and pricking the buffalo so hard that the buffalo got terrified and it run amok and hit the road meridian and all the four fellows fell on the road, the cart turned turtle and the buffalo was running the other way. Here the timing of the cart driver speaks. Had he driven the cart with slow speed the buffalo could have taken them to the destination for sure. Moreover when things are done in huff and with no planning, we are going to fumble and make mistakes and that is clearly evident on missing the timing.
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    Timing is very important. A fraction of a moment. Things will go bad.
    An incident happened in my life in the year 1997 indicates the importance of time.
    We were going to our native place in an Ambassador car for the marriage of brother. My brother who was the bridegroom was also there in the class. I and he were sitting in the front seat along with the driver. My sister, my brother in law and another brother were sitting in the black sheet. We started at 8 PM from Hyderabad. Around 12 midnight we were near Vijayawada. I asked my brother in law to sit with me and sent my brother to the back seat. All the people in the back seat are sleeping. My brother in law was also sleeping. I was talking with the driver. All of a sudden I just got silent and I went to sleep for a moment. There was an accident. You believe it or not. It is just a minute only. I and my brother in law got our legs broken. Just a moment of sleep created havoc. But the good thing is that the people in the back seat were Ok. The bridegroom was unhurt and marriage went off well. Had I have not asked my brother in law to come to the front seat, my brother might have got his leg broken and marriage might have been postponed. Timing is very important.

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    A well-thought post about the importance of timing in our lives and the writer has picked the most common one, Milk spilling over the gas in a nano-second as we turn to reach to pick a spoon. It is the most happening scene in the kitchen and many times have got scolding from amma and sisters for not being able to switch off the burner on time.

    As we discuss the poorly timed 'look-away' actions that brought grief in our lives, I would like to point the good thing that also happens in a fraction of second maybe that saved life os a person. The incident happened when my nephew was in his 3rd or 4th standard. There was a showpiece kept illuminated in the showcase in the evening and we all were sitting in the hall. My friend called me and I just went to his house which is just adjacent to ours on the same floor and my sister moved to the kitchen to cook. As I was talking, I heard my sister shouting, as the electricity failed in our house but others in the building had. I just ran to the house and then just to check, went down towards the meter box which is on the ground floor, and noticed that it had tripped. I pushed it back and the electricity was up again. I went up and inquired, whether she had switched on the heater, Mixy, or Iron but she had not done that. My sister noticed that my nephew was standing quit and the wire of the showpiece was dangling. When she called her son and asked him, out of fright, he was mum but when she held his hand, it had turned bluish. The nanosecond would have taken life if the fuse would have not tripped. Here, the timing proved life-saving and rings a warning bell every time when we think of that incident.

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    Timing is definitely important. Even a split second can make difference.
    But unlike the thread examples, the same timing can bring many positive consequences also.
    A few years ago, I was travelling in a car with friends returning from attending an event elsewhere. On the way at a junction and just before a bridge, for a moment we hesitated as to which route to take and slowed. But then decided to proceed straight.
    But to our surprise and shock, just a moment before we were to enter the bridge, the electric post on the road side broke and fell on the road with live wires. We could just screech to a halt and escaped.
    It was that one moment of hesitation which helped us.
    Then we did a retrace and took a diversion.
    I thank God for many more such positive happenings of timing. So I always take it that whatever happens is for the good. It is decided by God. However we have to take necessary prudent caution also always. Rest leave to God.

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    Yes, nano second is important, it can save your life or can do otherwise. But the most important part is the alertness and this is essential at all the moment to avoid any untoward happening.
    I have had a strange observation while driving my scooter in March 18, all of sudden I noticed that the rear break was not operating to the desired level and to reach the mechanic shop, I had to traverse 3 km more. I made the speed slow as far as practiceable with the adjustment of clutch and gear and finally could reach to Mechanic for the rectification of the problem.
    Up to that part, it was alright but once I moved ahead toward my destination, I could see a speeding truck moving in the direction perpendicular to the direction of my scooter and to avoid the clash, I applied the brake with the maximum possible pressure and I escaped narrowly from the untoward happening.
    Hence life is nothing but chance but alertness is definitely the vital component saving you miraculously from the unusual event.

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    It is true that sometimes something happens in a fraction of a second and then we are simply dumbstruck. People say that such things happen during multitasking. It could be correct but my experience is a bit different. These things happen when we are in a hurry and go for short cuts. We want to save time but it results in more time loss. Being a housewife I am working in kitchen for quite some time. Sometimes bizarre things happen to us and that could have turned even in a fatal accident. So working patiently and taking precauitions is the need b of the hour.
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    Time is a really very important factor in our life and in fact it is the essence of everything. It is said that - A stitch in time saves nine. The problem should be tackled in time rather waiting when it gets worse. It may not be out of context here if I share a tip regarding boiling milk in our households. I have leaned it with experience only. Keep it on the minimum flame on the gas stove or minimum temperature in your induction heater and when you are totally sure that you would not be distracting here and there till it is boiled, increase the heat. It is the last one - two minutes which matter. It is a time tested tip and for last so many years (whenever I am at that position in the kitchen) I have no such case - you can say this like achieving 6-Sigma also.
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    The author's narration on milk burst on stove e is awesome. The thing which irritates me in the mornings looks so beautiful in her writing. This writeup will brighten my face, whenever the milk pushes away its creamy layer out of the vessel.

    When it comes to nano second diversion, two things comes to my mind.
    1. Driving: The moment you take your eyes of the road, no matter how minimal your time of diversion, the probability of getting into an accident is high. Even Dr. RAO mentioned in his reply that nano second of his sleep, impacted the driver beside him and caused accident. So, the people beside the driver also should be alert when it comes to driving. Skipping song, changing a radio station, checking for messages, attending a call/declining a call...all of them take only seconds to do, but the following sequences are high.

    2. Kids at home: People who takes care of the baby knows, how unpredictable the actions of the kids are. In my childhood, I dipped my hands on the boiled rice water. (We call it Vadi Kanji in tamil). My neighbor's kid pulled milk pan from the table and the hot milk spilled all over her body, inspite of having 2 pillows beside her, my niece fell from cot and broken her skull at at the age of 8 months. It took 2 months to get recovered.

    So, for our own safety and the safety of others, people should be in alert while driving. The same when u r around kids and toddlers, they are highly unpredictable, anything they can do in nano second. They pull hot or short things from the places. Which u may think out of reach. They lose balance anytime, so be careful, while they are claiming up or down the steps, walking near hard surfaces, swimming pools etc.

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    Yes, we can see through the experiences shared in this thread, how timing can play a crucial part, sometimes unexpectedly in terms of safety. This brought to mind a thread we had some years back in which members shared near-death experiences and the belief in destiny giving a new lease of life.

    This thread indirectly brings out the importance of focusing wholly on the task at hand without getting diverted/distracted. Of course, when the sound of something, such as a loud noise from the kitchen or the sound of a baby crying, catches our attention, we are likely to check it out pronto, if possible leaving the task at hand if it can be left as such.

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