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    Shopkeepers forced government to open their shops but no business

    It was really a long lock down which lasted for five sessions and for more than 65 days. Many shopkeepers who invested crores of rupees in their products have been prevailing upon the central and state governments to allow them to open and do the business. And the governments gave the nod to do the business. But what is the use, very less people or no customer visiting each shop and thus the shopkeepers now feeling that while at home they are with the families and now they have to sit alone in the shop with no workers and no business. What a turnaround.?
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    I think that shop keepers feel that it is satisfied to stay in the shop instead of at home. They have the hope that customers will come to buy the products. At the same time, shop keepers say that the cost of a product is high due to lockdown. That may impact on the selling of products. There is minimum margin below a hundred rupees in each product taking the reason of lockdown. So, customers are not yet ready to buy the products. During lockdown period, the financial potentiality of the people has been reduced due to a lack of opportunities from the firm or institution. They would not like to buy new products with existing money, instead, they spent the money to fulfill their daily urgent needs. This causes the shop keepers to be felt alone in the shop.
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    It's because of the lockdown. Hope so everything gets better with the time. Yes its been tough time for all the entrepreneurs. There is no demand for anything in the market as people are not going out or having money.

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    Once people resume duty and come back to near normal things will start improving. The negative news of increasing Covid cases and mortality still scares people. Moreover now people are uncertain about their continued
    salary and wages. So they will spend with care only-for essntial and priority matters. But if by and by near normalcy returns and people have more liquid money in their hands they will spend more and business will be back as before.

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    It is just started and all already people started coming on to the roads. Many people have no money. Small establishments have not paid to their employees. So many people are going without a salary. Some lost their jobs. Again everything has to come to normalcy. Then only things will improve. Essential commodities only are being purchased now by many people. They don't want to go for unnecessary expenses. Many people even stopped purchasing fancy items also. So this will be there for some more time.
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    Only small grocery shops, vegetable /fruit shops, meat shops, bakeries and liquor shops are doing good business. All other business establishments are dull with no business. Even barbers are without business. After lockdown 5, we are now at unlock 1. People are not interested in anything other than food. It would take many more months for shops to resume their business.
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    Yes, when they had given different schedules of timings for shopkeepers they were not able to manage the crowd but now, when they have more time for their business, there are no customers at all.
    It is all because of lock down which has turned into knock down the business. Now that people are aware that the shops are open and they can fetch the household materials as they need arises, they have to utilise the stocked goods to buy the new set of materials. Hence none wants to go to shop.
    Secondly a few industries and companies got a green signal to open and start it's activities, hence people want to clear their tables and make it a clutter free environment which was unattended for all these days. Hence they would have postponed their dates for purchase to another day.
    Weekends the shops will gain more as the customers will get some time, a seigh of relief to join the business men.

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    Before this pandemic, everyday I went to the nearby market for some petty items but I did not buy them all in one day intentionally because in the evening it was a great source of entertainment for me to go in the nearby market, chit-chat with people, compare the prices and qualities in different shops and had a great time doing that and in a sense becoming an expert on shopping. Many people might be doing like that as I do not want to put myself alone in that category of slightly abnormal hobby! Anyway, today the situation is totally reversed for many of us and even if we dare to go out once in a while we would go with a long list of really required items and finish the shopping and forget about it for the next 10-15 days. My daily 1 hour ritual of going to the market in the evening came to an abrupt and sad end!
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