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    How will presence of parents affect the student’s online class study

    Yesterday was the beginning of a New academic year in Kerala started with online classes on a Government controlled TV channel.

    As it was new to most, students and parents were eager and enthusiastic. Parents had much to do and worry. There was nothing to do with school bags, uniforms, umbrella, lunch pack, school bus. or the wails of the 'firstdayer'. Parents were worried whether the TV and set-top box were functioning, power supply be steady, whether they can get the channel in their mobile phones and record the for offline viewing etc.

    To familiarise themselves, all parents stayed glued to their TV and started viewing from the first online class programme, even though their child's class would start in later time slot only. So when the classes started the parents also were attending along with the students.
    It was okay and understandable being a novel experience on the first day.

    But what will be the effect of a parent's presence on the student's study and learning in online classes? Let us discuss the various dimensions.
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    The concept of online learning is relatively new in India. It is necessary in case of today's given scenario. Understandably, some parents are excited, and others are nervous regarding exposing their kids to different means of learning. Their over-excitement can interfere with their kid's studies in one way or the other. Many kids may not be comfortable with their parents sitting beside them. I feel that parents have to create a school-type environment in their homes for their kids and not interfere with their studies in any way.

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    Online class and the impact of parents on this. Now the offices started and all are going to their offices. But schools not started and online classes are going on. By the time the parents go out online classes will not start and by the time they come back, classes will be over. So in such families, there will not be any problem.
    uniform and making the school bag and lunch are not required. But many other new things will come. If two children are there, they may quarrel each other. So parents should be vigilant. They should provide them with separate facilities for the online class.
    If the parents have to go out, the children will be alone in the house and how they will be in the house the whole day is the question. L

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    The parents who are illiterate may just watch and try to help their children to complete the assignments suggested by the teacher whereas the educated parents would like to extend on the topic raised by the teacher, search for more content related information and fill it in the child's minds.
    Even the home work related issues may become hectic as the parents will take more care. It may turn out in true colours but the hard work of the child and the abuses which he would have undergone to completed it may go unnoticed.
    This year children may have to face lots of stress from the parents as well as the education system as they have to understand this new system and get into it. It may take about two months for them to be in line. Later on, they would enjoy the sane without parents help. By then the industries or companies would be open in full fledge, so students left alone with their friends that is books.

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    Whenever a new thing is introduced, a craze will be there for it and people would take much interest to learn the modalities and process of the system. Slowly once that is understood the students would be on their own and parents would only help to the extent of providing the infrastructure for that. Parents would not, barring a few, have such patience to sit continuously with the children. Let us see how these trends develop in the coming times and how effective this online mode finally turns up. It is a good beginning and I hope that with the newer and newer technologies this is poised to grow.
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    This is the new experience for every one and it is challenging situation for the working parents as they have to opt for the work from home concept and be with the child for the television classes. And the presence of parents beside the child would be the distraction for the student because, the child gives attention to the mother and not the class. The class will not be learned with apt attention and the child feels the happiness of the mother with her not giving credence to the class and the subject. What I feel that the online classes are not boon but bane to the working women as she has to do multi tasking now.
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    The online class study is a new concept in our country and everyone from parents, children and even few teachers are new to this new method of teaching. As we are stepping or turning a new leaf in the life of our children, many parents would be eager to know how online learning would be, its features, methods, ways, how it will help their children, etc. The eagerness and excitement will make the parents sit with their children so as to learn the new way of learning as they are the people that can help their children when they face any difficulty in the online classes.

    As of now, due to lock down many of the parents are available in the house but with relaxation, many may start their job and this will leave the children alone in the house. The only change in the coming days will be that parents need not dress their children or pack their bags but other stuff like making lunch or snacks, getting their assignments done, etc will be the same.

    As the family has become nuclear, the parents-children relationship has changed and is more friendly than it used to be in the earlier times and children are very free with the parents. I don't think they will mind their parents sitting along with them during their online classes.

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    Very relevant views are coming from our members.
    Umesh in#698549 think that not all parents will have the patience also.
    #698532,Dr Rao has a good point when he queries what will happen when the parents resume their job.
    Reena Upadhyaya #698530 guesses, some children may not feel comfortable when parents sit around them when class is going on.
    #698537: Sharada has distinguished the situation of educated and illiterate parents. However the same is there in the case of traditional school classes also.
    Mohan in #698550 cites about distraction mainly.
    So the above can be summed up as follows. It is new experience and so parents were also eager and stayed with the students. But once it becomes a routine the parents may not or may not be able to sit with the students. The students also may want their own exclusive space and may feel uncomfortable if parents are present with them when the class is on.
    But Varghese vide #698572 contradicts some of the above and puts forth a very modern reality that present day children are very free with the parents and hence does not think they will mind their parents sitting along with them during their online classes.
    So for now, the effects are varied and depending on various situations and circumstance of the parents and children. We may have to wait for some more time to get more feedback from actual experience.

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    This is a new thing in our society and naturally the parents would be thrilled by this experience more than the children. For the children it would be a bit amusing not to go to school first but when they would see the seriousness of online classes they might create some resistance to it after some time when it becomes a routine. In school they are reading and studying in the company of the other children but in house they would be studying in isolation. We have to see how they take it on a psychological level as children are that way a tender lot and my feel boredom in isolation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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