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    What will be the future of cinema industry?

    From the source of news, it is known that the Maharashtra government has given permission for the cinema industry to start their works. It said that physical distance should be maintained in making the films. Most of the shootings should be done at the home of actors. Junior actors should be prohibited in cinemas. Every day, the shooting equipment should be thoroughly sanitized. These are the limitations given to the industry to start their projects. On the other hand, cinema halls and theatres are not positioned to open to play the coming releasing movies. What will be the situation and limitations imposed on cinema multiplexes and theatres are not known till now. The government of India declared about the relaxation of lockdown to cinema theatres in the second phase as per the conditions that will be prevailed at that particular time. At this time, who are in urgency to open the theatres? The audience or producers of movies. How can the cinema industry be moulded after the relaxation from lockdown? What factors would be impacted by the reopening of cinema theatres? How it will influence the public? Let us discuss.

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    Cinema Industry will also spring back . Some of the old themes may be abandoned and new themes will be developed. Work style may change.
    The industry has undergone many change and this change also it willesily absorb and adapt and come with renewed vigour.

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    Time will solve all the problems. Cinema industry will also come to its normal position within another 2 or 3 months. They will say that social distance has to be maintained and all other precautions are to be taken. Shooting from their houses individually and then editing is what they have to do. They are doing short films in this way. Big movies will also be tried in different new methods.
    Telangana also has given permission for some studios and other activities except shootings. Shootings may start shortly here also. Now the government will give permission to all the activities. But the public has to take their own precautions so that they will be safe. Nobody will come to our rescue. We have to take care of ourselves.
    So people may not go to movies to see movies like earlier days for another 5 or 6 months. Theatres may reduce the capacity but they will increase the rates as they have to survive. The viewers should take a decision on whether to spend more or simply wait for the TV to show that movie.

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    Slowly things are returning to normal and activities are picking up fast only thing is proper care is to be taken. With experiencing the virus for so long the confidence is emerging that we can live with it. So far so good. It is worth trying to start an activity with due care and safety measures. Life has become difficult but it is becoming difficult for everyone in the country. We only are not suffering. We have to build a team to follow the precautions and make a solid wall of resistance to this virus. No parties, no gatherings, no unnecessary fun, no picnics, no going to tourist places, no congregations, no drink parties (one can drink in isolation!) only work and work in isolation and doing prayers when one is alone that is the mantra this virus is teaching to all of us till a cure is found.
    Knowledge is power.

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