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    For a quality life all the family members have to contribute

    In any household there are various tasks to be undertaken. The variety of work is mind boggling. Cleaning the house, arranging things in order, inventory management in kitchen, laundry, ironing, dusting and mopping, bringing items from market, helping children to get ready for going to school, and many more like that. It is not possible to attend to these jobs by one single person especially in absence of the servants. Even if the servants are there, the quality of performing these jobs would not be adequate enough. For a good quality life and for keeping house in order cooperation of all the family members is required and they have as well shoulder some of the responsibilities. Only then we can have a good quality satisfying life. What is the take of members on this?
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    Occasionally a husband can help housewife. The main focuses of the Husband have to attend the Job and focus on the Job he has a lot of tension in his Job as Occasionally he can help his wife(Housewife) and bringing the items from outside is also ok. Laundry and Ironing no wife (as per as I know) will do these work in the house they are given to the laundry persons. Cleaning the house, arranging things in order, inventory management in the kitchen, dusting, and mopping, children to get ready for going to school needs to be done by the housewife. A housewife can't help in the Husband's job and vice-versa is not possible.

    If the wife is also working definitely yes what you said.

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    I agree with the author that responsibilities should be distributed among family members, and every member should equally cooperate and put in the best so that house runs smoothly. In this case, the burden does not get levied on the shoulder of a single person. It is usually seen that housewife has to run all the errands. She works round the clock to keep everything in order in the house. Though she tries her best and successfully even gets accomplished in her responsibilities but is it fair to levy everything on one shoulder. Instead, every person should take up some task. With so many helping hands, the house automatically runs smoothly and in order.

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    Yes. It is true that the responsibilities are to be shared between the people in the house. Some small works can be done by the husband so that the housewife will have some leisure time. Bed sheets folding in the morning can be done by the husband. After washing and drying the clothes they can be folded or Ironed by the husband. Keeping the items after usage need not wait for her. The children or the husband can do that.
    These days no servant maids. Their work is also is to be carried out. So more help from children and husband is expected and it is correct also. Taking care of children and their works can be managed by the husband. If the husband has to go to the office some times he may not be able to help but whatever possible can be carried out.

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    Unity is strength. Husbands can cater to the jobs outside the house and housewives within the house. They can be also be supported by grown up children. It all depends on the time schedules for each of their ventures which they are into.
    It also depends on the procedure of work preferences which they would be considering consistently over the week days. Weekends all the members in the family can help each other to complete the miscellaneous tasks within the house.

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    It is a nice suggestion from the author that inclusive cooperation from each member of the house would bring total cleanliness and also the health would be good for all. Every work may be big, small or tiresome, but little contribution from each one of them would go a long way. For example for the house members of 4 and if Chapathi has to be prepared at least 25 has to be made with curries. In that case, one member would make the dough, one member would slice the vegetable to make curry, one member would make the chappathi and one would cook the same. Likewise all the house members are involved in preparation of their own food. And no one would feel that they have worked because the work has been decentralized and each one contributing their own. Such cooperation in every work do well.
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    We as a family need to be standing for each other and it is the duty and responsibility of every member of the family to contribute to quality, happy and peaceful living. When we talk about house chore, it is normally taken for granted that it is the department of the ladies in the house and men feel it as an awkward job to do. As time changed, it is becoming more causal and taking from men and nowadays, many men have started helping.

    In our house, my mother has always tried her best to involve everyone in the house chore and it has made us look like a normal thing. When my wife has finished washing the clothes, I take it to the roof to dry it. When cleaning the house, I do the dusting and sweeping, she does the moping. If there is any function, I do the tidying and arranging and even decoration while she is buy in the kitchen. During the festival or gathering, I do the purchase, cutting, cleaning and arranging in the hall, dining, bedroom, changing curtain, etc while she will take care of the food. During festive or when she is busy, I have done the brooming of the outside area which, is not comfortable as many people going around will watch but I don't mind cleaning my place.

    As we are in the 21st century, the family has grown small and the mindset of people is changing. It is not men's job or women's job anymore. Everyone is learning to adjust and change for the best but we need to make sure that we start to teach our children the same so that as they grow, this will automatically be done without hesitation and compulsion.

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    Ssharing of works, finace,or responsibility helps first only to share the quantity and reduce the load on one or two persons alone. It is a participaton and sharing the common responsibility and duty. When the load or quantity is shared then each members get space, time and opportunity to get more expetrience . This leads to innovation and enhancing of quality.
    Sharing of jobs or responsibiity alone will not bring qualit to life. There are various ther requirements to quality.

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