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    Are you expecting any guests now?

    Most of family members who had planned for get together functions like marriage, Brahmopadesham, naming ceremony and few others were kept pending during this lock down. Now since people got a green signal to move from one state to another, are you waiting for your guests?

    Do you wish to involve in functions within your family members. Are you expecting any guests to your family now? How far does this information make changes in your house environment and shifting of materials.

    What changes would you consider to re-establish group functions in your home? Members suggest your opinions. Show us the new walks of your house.
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    One of my relative boys got married on 26th April in the presence of about 20 members. I suggested him to host a reception after we come out of Corona fear. Now, he wants to host a party. I told him not to host a party now, and asked him to save the money. I suggested him to celebrate his son's or daughter' birthday in a grand way. He accepted my suggestion. He is waiting for the day to come.

    Yesterday, I made efforts to trace my good old friends on FB. I could get one of my good old friends on the line. He is a person who was my family friend. Fortunately, he shifted from Chennai and is staying in Bangalore (ECity)and has planned to visit me this weekend. We are going to meet after 20 years. A day to cherish with our past memories.

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    Though lock down is lifted and curbs eased, there is fear inside among the public not to move out for no reason and bring the virus again to the family. In that case no one is interested to invite any person as guests nor any functions or events are organized. The main aim of the people is to recover from the shock and loss all these day underwent and they do not have strength and ability to face any kind of new situation. Therefore keeping away from the crowd is the best idea and the functions and events could take place at the later date when the things eases out and each one gets the confidence. One thing is sure, many wants to meet personally and exchange whole lots of woes and problems they faced during these two months. But that is happening through video calls however meeting the near and dear ones and friends personally matters for many and they are waiting.
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    Govt has relaxed the lockdown but that does not mean that virus is eradicated. Virus is still there with its terrible fangs attacking more and more people who are coming in its contact. Now the fight is between how much precautions we can keep and how much penetrating this virus is. Many people think that virus would affect others and never to them. It is a wishful thinking. We would be doing a grave mistake if we would think like that. Precautions and preventive measures are the key to containment and in that situation any gathering is as bad as it was considered during lockdown. Under lockdown period people were forced to remain in social distancing and isolation. Now same thing is being asked us to do in voluntary mode. Should not we honour that?
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    Govt has removed lockdown in most part of india except containment zone. Now, there is no restriction for passenger and goods in moving from one place to another place. But, corona virus still persist and number of patient has been increasing continuously. Most of the people are feeling psychologically stressful. Even though lockdown is relaxed but they are afraid from coming out of house. Their thought as,If they go outside then infection may come into their house. So people is cancelling activities as much as possible. I have seen many people cancelling their marriage party, birthday party and so on. These days people is meeting with friend through video call instead of inviting at home.
    Now, govt expecting as people should maintain social distance, using mask and all preventive measures voluntarily. Once restriction is over then people have to take their own responsibility for safe life.

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    Government has given some relaxation. But if we see the newspaper we will understand how the cases are increasing day today. Within 15 days 1 lakh cases have become 2 lakh cases. So the chances of getting affected are more if we go to gatherings or functions where more people are gathered.
    Two days before my neighbour performed a birthday party. He invited us also but we avoided. I am not attending any group activities or I am not going to anybody's house and I am also not expecting any guests to our house now. My brother's son's marriage was scheduled on 5th May but got postponed. My sister's grandson's upanayanam was scheduled on 9th May but got postponed. Even if they perform also many people can't attend now. So still they have not decided on any date for the functions. Going to malls, cinema halls, parks and other places are not at all advisable at this stage.

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    Guests? Now? Not at all.
    We do not invite or welcome any guests and we will not visit any one as guests for some more time.
    We really feel the vacuum due to this. But let us watch how things progress and stabilise. Let us wish and pray that situation improves and the spread of Covid is arrested.
    Once that confidence comes then we can think of visits guests.

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    First of all we all got isolated by family circles and meeting only on occasions. There also we are talking as friends and not relatives. Now lock down helps a lot for such lovers. Unexpected guests may come that too by persons facing inevitable situation. In such situation it is good to patronage them. Last day one of my relative residing by our house side went casually to my cousin's house on the way of her shopping. My cousin since was caring her aged mother did not care her properly so she returned without saying anything. Today early morning my cousin came to her house seeking apology but she was made stand outside and sent back without even offering coffee or even kumkum.

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    There are some functions and celebrations expected in our relation as well as friend's house. We are discouraging them to call the guests as it would lead to risk of spreading of virus. They are also not sure but in all probability it would be a low profile function if at all they observe it in that fashion. I think this requires a control on ourselves to refrain from mixing and socialising for some time till the cure for this virus is invented.
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