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    School reopens in July, new rules.

    State government of Karnataka has laid new rules to open school. It has planned it's scheduled date as 1 st. of July 2020. The classes will open in step by step. First standard to third standard on 1 St. July and 4 th to 5 the on 7 th July, 6 to to 10 the on 15 the July. Kindergarten to be opened by 20 the July 2020.

    1. Change in timings on shift basis 8 am -12pm and 1 pm to 5 pm.
    2. Alternate day classes for 1 st to 5 th and 6 th to 10 the on the next day.
    3. One day class and other day they have complete the homework.

    Teachers have to join schools from 8th June to start with the academic year 2020-21 admissions. There should be social distancing and use of sanitizer regularly. The

    New rules are also set for opening new schools keeping all these above aspects inmind.
    Which system would work better in these three? Get be your opinion from the parent point and teacher's point too.
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    For the first time we are seeing that either central or state governments unable to come out with clear guidelines as to what would be the exact rules across the country if the schools need to open . The new rules suggested may not be followed as the summer is at peak and parents may not send the children during hot afternoon. Morning shift is ok but the evening time is very taxing as the students may even go on to the sleeping mode after having lunch and in evenings they may return late and no play and has to go for home work again. And the alternate classes for the first to fifty and 6th to 10th is something not acceptable as the children will not connect to the education because one day gap will affect the flow of remembrance. One day class and the other day homework will again confuse the child as the portions gets postponed.
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    This is good that the Karnataka Govt has taken a bold step of opening the schools. This is in fact an experimental move only as in this condition of uncertainty anything is experimental and if something adverse takes place school would be closed followed with a lockdown. The SOP is very clear now to the Govt as well as people so decision making has become dynamic in nature and review of situation time to time would be a necessity. Let us hope that everything turns out good and schools function normally. As regards to the three alternative given by the author I would vouch for the alternative day school as it would give time for sanitisation and other things during that one day intermittent gap in case of any eventuality.
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    In Madhya Pradesh, the Govt. will take decision for opening the schools in the month of July. It is possible that schools will reopen in the month of Sep for std. 6 to 12th and after that Govt. decide to reopen the primary section.

    But for the benefits of the students, the online classes have been started in Madhya Pradesh. All the teachers have been trained to do online classes and CM has awarded them with digital certificates.

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    In Andhra Pradesh also the government decided to start schools from August 1st and in Telangana also from August 1st. But so far I have not seen any guidelines regarding the functioning of the schools. It is a good idea to have shift basis schools and alternative days schools to different schools. This will enable to accommodate fewer students in each section and we can make more sections. But total classes to the teacher will remain the same as the number of classes per day will come down. Making masks compulsory is also good. Once a State decides on the modalities and if they are found good, other States will also follow the same rules.
    Another suggestion is two have school for 3 days and another 3 days online classes. This will also make fewer students attending the classes and social distancing will become easy. More precautions are to be taken during games and drill periods as students will be on the grounds and there is a chance that the students may not maintain social distance.

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    State governments will have to take decision under broad central guidelines, but tailored to local situations and compulsions. The States only know what are their infrastructural facilities and constraints. They may have to get a sort of general acceptance from the academic fraternity and from parents .The political parties may have their opinions. Many things had to be considered before implementing as it will not be easy to reverse or change drastically once a decision is implemented.
    Until a vaccine is found or an effective cure is invented, the prevalent precautions have to be strictly followed. So whatever be the decision, it may be stay there for a good part of this academic year if not full.
    Once a state starts, others can learn from their experience and improve or improvise suitably.

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    In Karnataka also, this is planned but it depends on the suggestions of parents from each and every school. The school is calling for parents meeting to discuss about the opening date and their suggestions for maintaining healthy environment.
    It also depends on the number counts of corona over a period of fifteen to twenty days.

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    School is the place where many students come in contact with others. Moreover, the school life is carefree and full of fun and we cannot expect that students would behave better than us in the matter of keeping social distancing and other such measures.
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    Starting of pu colleges and degree colleges were much feasable when compared to primary and high school children with social distancing. Primary children are of very young age when compared to the degree students who are 20 years and above.
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