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    Will the rural economy make all the difference?

    The monsoon has started very well in Kerala. Its effect in so many parts of Tamil Nadu and even parts of Karnataka is always very good. Similarly, the fairly good rains in the Tanjore district last year has been the main reason for the revival of economic activities.

    The labor employed in agriculture is already back and the prices of vegetables have come down, thanks to the excess of supply. This augurs well for the domestic demand for the products always made available through local channels. The village economy always has its own brands and these brands are totally different from the urban brands. In the small retail shops that I have seen, there is some sales of these brands of cool drinks, tooth powders, oil-based snacks, and so on. People are spending a little bit, and the income comes primarily from the agricultural income in most semi-urban and rural areas. The organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizers are doing brisk business.

    The mopeds are being purchased on instalment basis. The motor mechanic is active once again. The barbers are active too. Hundreds of new vendors have started selling vegetables and fruits and a number of other things like spices and the entire range of organic food. Let us hope this trend continues and we see some economic activity once again.
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    In villages of Andhra and Telangana also agriculture works started and picking up. The people are going for works and they are able to earn some money on daily wages. Sales are picking up in villages and people started moving. But because of the migrant workers, we are observing some increase in the cases. Even then people are trying to manage life by earning with he available works. That is good. Petrol bunks sales are improving and people started using their motorcycles.
    It is inevitable. People can't simply sit and go without food for long. So villages are coming back to normal and we are seeing the activity. In industries also production started and money circulation will improve further and we have to wait and see how life is going to come back to normalcy in all the places.

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    Let us hope and pray that village economy springs back with strength and growth.
    The factors for that are there ready. Government has initiated many plans to support needs of capital, working capital. It has announced revised subsidies an interest subvention. There are schemes and facilities for marketing also. For the agriculture there prediction is a good Monsoon.
    So altogether the signs are good for the revival and boost of village economy.
    The present vision of the government is supporting local produce. The idea is to have many small and medium units than one large single unit. Even the villages are now having infrastructure facilities including IT. Village people are also well aware of the precautions and self care regarding Covid19, which they will sincerely and meaningfully adhere.
    So my considered opinion and trust is that the village economy is going to come back with a bang and grow and be the stable backbone of our national economy.

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