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    Will Modi go for a third term as PM?

    Pandemic has changed the situation in the world. All governments failed to contain the virus. The USA could not manage and Trump is likely to be thrown out. In India too, the situation is worst. Even after 5 lockdowns, India could not contain the virus. The infection is multiplying day by day.

    1. In Toto, the citizens of India are not happy with the government's action to contain the virus.
    2. The Government employees are not happy as their DA/DR has been frozen.
    3. Migrant workers have suffered a lot.
    4. There is no clarity on 20 lakh crore package.
    5. There is no transparency in the PM CARES Fund.
    6. Women are unhappy with the opening of Liquor shops.
    7. Fuel prices have not come down.
    7. Cost of commodities has increased.
    6. And many more things to add.

    With this disgruntlement from the public of India, will BJP and Modi go for a third term?
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    Whoever becomes PM most of these issues would remain there albeit in less or more forms. So believing in the anti-establishment theory he may not remain in office but if people of India think about him in an analytical, rational and logical ways and compare him with the predecessors and consider other factors, he might continue in the third term. I have no affinity with him or no political mileage to be received from him neither any award from him but it is my feeling based on sheer comparison that he may continue in third term also. I am a firm believer in the theory of 'worse is better than worst' whether it is on the national front or international front or our home front. I feel proud that such a personality got chance to become PM and remember that he is not from Gujarat, he is in fact from India.
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    There are still four years for the next Lok Sabha elections and it is fairly reasonable to argue that not even the most skillful psephologist will be able to predict the outcome of such a distant future.
    Whatever issues have been mentioned by Mr SuN are extremely important but neither the opposition nor the mainstream media seem to be very effective in pinning down the government on those issues. And in the absence of a good opposition and a dutiful media which can raise these issues, I'm not sure if any of these issues will even remotely affect the outcome. It is ominously reminiscent of the situation post the rollout of Demonetization and the horribly hasty and ill planned implementation of the GST. Despite these two measures (especially Demonetization) the BJP won a landslide victory in 2019 mostly because the Opposition and the media did a terrible job at constantly reminding the public about these issues. It is very likely that the outcome of 2024 will be somewhat similar to that of 2019. At most we might have a hung parliament but again as I have already said, predictions at this point will be extremely inaccurate.

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    This is just one year back only he has become PM for the second time. At this stage to come to an understanding. He has performed well and people are happy with him. COVID 19, has been controlled well. The number of cases in India compared to its population are very less than many other countries. Deaths due to this virus are also less. If we have to take a measure for his efficiency many people say he did it better and also will say any other person might not have performed better than this. So I think we can't say, he will not become PM again. He may or he may not. Time only can answer this question correctly. Let us wait and see.
    The PM has done many good works and he brought good name to the country. G7 is planning to include India also in that It may become G8 with this inclusion. This is a measure for the efficiency of the Prime Minister's efficiency and his talent in dealing with internal and external matters also.

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    In spite of brickbats and draw backs Modi government has handled the situation deftly and has saved many lives as India could not afford so many cases and the deaths. By and large the citizens were happy and stayed at home and that shows the govt was right. Govt employees DA can be released at later date and that would be done. Migrant workers were made to suffer because opposition parties induced them. The twenty lakh crore package is for all sector to get into the track. The PM Care relief fund was set up to help the Covid patients and the money is given to the kith and kin from this pool. Liquor shops were the main source of earning and thus cannot be kept closed. At present the fuel price is reasonably low. The cost of commodities were the same prior to the lock down and in fact vegetable prices has gone down. So all is well.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If a majority of the voters vote for the BJP then Mr Modi will again be the PM for sure. The author has pointed out some very important issues but we need to remember that before every election the voters look into the whole issue of development from a larger perspective. Most of the issues mentioned in the thread are related to a particular situation the pandemic, and people will remember these issues as long as the situation remains like this. When there will be some improvement the focus of the media as well as the people of the country would be different which may be the deciding factor. Here I would like to mention one thing. Nowadays, elections are won on strategies and not on the development work which was the sole criteria sometime earlier. Political parties higher election strategists so that they can enjoy one more term. In this situation, the election has become something like marketing. The more you can reach people, the better can be the prospects.

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    This is not at all the right time to think or discuss about that.
    The people have elected a Parliament and wanted Modiji to be PM again. The Parliament and the Modi led government has still four more years to go and do all that they promise to people. Now, Corona has entered and interrupted. So, the government has to give the priority attention to Covid19 related issues.
    When the elections are due at the end of the term of the current Parliament, people will take into consideration the promise and performance of the Modi government and then take a proper decision as per their evaluation, expectation, judgement and choice.
    It is too premature to discuss about that now. The country needs our solid support and compliance now

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    Wait and watch is the rule to applied here. We don't even know what rules the government will bring out with the everyday's sun rise. Watching the news has becoming one of the key habits when compared to earlier days where we could just run through the headlines to get a few information from elders and friends.
    As of now PM has taken careful steps related to corona apart from this migrants and inter state permission to people. This is the major cause of rise in number.

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    Many people believe that Mr Modi is an efficient administrator and within the constraints of Indian democracy he is a fit leader to guide India in a progressive ways and developmental direction. If the number of such people rises by the end of this term Mr Modi would have a landslide victory in the next election. There are some people whose vested interests are not being realised due to the presence of Mr Modi and those people would never like that he again becomes the PM so that lobby would work against him. As per the basic sciences, the result would depend upon the net resultant force out of this conflict. Let us see what the public verdict goes next time.
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    Given the situation no new leader or party would venture to accept the post of high office even they are given a chance to do so because the present situation is full of thorns and the previous leaders who want to rule the country again are not ready to take the responsibility. Therefore only PM Modi has the ability and strength to understand the economy and now to move it. Only yesterday the Industries which are facing the default of loan payments are given the breather of 6 months grace and surely there are every chance of reviving the business and repaying the loans. One thing is sure, if there was not the CAA and NRC back lash on the government , and if there was no pandemic. this government should have gone on development march but that was prevented and now the revival attempt is sincerely made.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The next general elections are almost four years away from now. It is too early to predict Modiji or any other person for the post of Prime Minister of India. In my personal opinion, Modiji does not deserve a third chance. I am in total agreement with the author about most of the points mentioned above. The PM CARES Fund intentions may be good but how it was floated and the lack of transparency creates a lot of doubts in the minds of right-thinking people.
    During these six years, certain decisions like demonetization, hasty implementation of GST caused a lot of problems for the public and business people. The FCRA, electoral bonds are not good. They give scope to political corruption. The migrant labor problem never crossed the mind of the Government and whatever steps it has taken due to the criticism, is far from satisfactory.
    The major issues like the economy and unemployment rate were in bad shape even before the pandemic. What is there to merit him with a third chance?

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