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    Is advertisement required for a consumer product to gain popularity?

    We find lot of advertisements for various consumer products starting from detergent powders to sweeping brooms. Some of these items become popular because of these advertisements
    There is another theory is also there if the quality is good there is no need for advertisements. At present we find super markets and super maals are dominating over traditional kirana shops. In these maals and super markets wide variety of brands of each products are available. The consumer can select any one of them. For example, Patanjali products are comparatively reasonably priced when compared to any other brands in the market. They don't advertise much their products when compared to other brands but this company is dominating the market over the other brands because people are getting products at reasonable prices. So more than the advertisement quality, reasonable prices also influence the popularity of the products. Members, what is your opinion?
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    Both are important aspects - quality as well as advertisement. If the products are already established in the market and there is a good demand for them then one can reduce expanses towards advertisements. Some companies are making good products but there are already some players in the market who have captured the market and it is difficult for the new entrants to succeed and there comes the utility of the advertising and it definitely helps to a great extent. Some companies are spending a lot on the advertisements even up to 20-30% of their total expenditures. It is a huge money.
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    After reading this, I remember a video I watched. In that, a poor girl sells brooms on the road. A well to do lady parks her car and comes to the girl and enquires the cost of the broom. The seller girl says 'Rupees 30', The lady bargains for Rs. 20/- Poor girl asks Rs. 25/-. The lady turns down her offer and leaves the place in her Innova. An Ace truck comes and the driver comes down. Asks the broom price. She says Rs. 30/-. He bargains for Rs. 25./- Girl agrees and sells out all her stock to him. The ace truck goes to a mall. He hands over the brooms to a shop. The shop keeper places a label MRP Rs. 75/- on it and keeps them in a basket for sale. The same Innova lady comes to the mall, picks up the broom, looks at the label. She pays Rs. 75/- and takes it home without saying anything. The broom did not have any ad, but it was valued more from 25 to 75.

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    In marketing different strategies are followed to have the lions share of market. Some companies keep on advertising and they allot some percentage of amount as advertisement expenses on television, news paper, hoardings and as the display counter rent for the shops. All these the marketing techniques through which the big brands want to retain and improve their position in the market. And why Patanjali is not advertising its products because most of the Yoga shivir friends are the dealers of the product and they circulate the dealership and product details within themselves and thus assured of regular sale and not depending on outside customers.
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    These are the days of competition. There are many companies producing the same product. More or less, all the products may have similar quality levels. Prices are also almost comparable. Even then the consumer will try for a new company product or a better product for a lesser price. This nature of the consumer is only making the producers give more and more advertisements to their products. Of course, the expenses for these advertisements also will be added to the product cost. By seeing these advertisements some people will try to use this material and if they find it good, they will try to use this till they see another new similar product.
    So definitely the advertisement is going to make a difference to get introduced into the market. Once the product goes well they can reduce the advertisement so that their profit will increase. But that is not happening because of the tendency of the people forgetting the old if any new item comes into the market.

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    To gain the popularity of any product advertisements are required. If you use one product and find the quality good with a reasonable price tag you will tell your friends and relatives to try that product. Here the reach is limited to a certain section and moreover it takes some time to build a customer base in this way of word-of-mouth marketing. Interestingly, word-of-mouth marketing is also a way of advertising and is quite effective. On the other hand, the reach of a product through an advertisement on television and through various promotional campaigns can be very large depending on how wide the circulation is. The more is the reach the more the chances of getting notified by the consumers. The most important thing for any product is quality and price. People will not mind paying a bit more if the products are of superb quality, though it largely depends on the capability of the consumers if the price is very low and the quality is inferior people will hardly remember the advertisements of such products.

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    There should be some way to make people aware of a particular product. If the target area is a small local area, direct contact and sales is possible. Even a bit notice or drum beating announcement also may be enough. But if the product is to be marketed in large area, or if similar product is already available in the market produced and marketed by others then advertisement is necessary.
    Advertisement is needed to create a demand for one's product. It is needed to wean away buyers from a similar product and make them buy our product. There are advertising companies who take care of the adverting needs of clients. There are many technicalities and tricks and innovations in this field also. As more and more medium and platforms of communication are coming up, advertisements are also innovated to use that medium too.

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