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    Why police cover the suspect of offence with black cloth?

    So many times we see while the police carrying the suspect of an offence either carrying to police station or to court, the face of the offender will be covered with a black cloth.
    Sometimes we think, the offenders covers their face with clothe so that they are not to get realized by public. But it is not true. Why the face was covered with black cloth? Is there any obvious reason for it? Is it a compulsory practice or customary practice followed by police?Knowledgeable members please share your knowledge with regard to this observation.
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    Generally, the police won't cover to hide the face of a criminal. It is the criminal who likes to have their face covered to hide their face going viral.
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    Even though he is criminal he will have certain rights given by the constitution so he can mask his face as per the law.
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    They arrested person is a suspected guilty. He may be guilty or may not be guilty. The court of Law will conduct the proceedings and deliver justice. Once the judge proclaims his verdict then only we can say the accused is guilty or not guilty. Till such time he is only suspect. To reveal this fact the police cover the face of the guilty till it is confirmes.
    If the suspect is found to be not guilty. By showing as a culprit the police may be defaming that man. So to say the people that he is sus[ected only they cover his face with a cloth. Generally, black colour is treated as an indication of unwanted bad things. That is the reason police might have selected this colour.

    In addition to the above, this will serve the following two also

    It will hide the identity of the arrested person. People may know the name but they may not recognise the person.\
    By hiding the identity police can avoid influencing or confusing the witnesses who will be called to identify the person.

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    The faces of the criminals are hided with black clothes so that their identity is not reveled to the public so that the accused or the criminal families are not attacked . And as per the law only if it is proved the person is guilty then only he is treated as criminal and before that he is referred as accused. Therefore when the offenders are paraded before the media , they are not revealed with the face so that their human rights is kept in tact until the court spell them as guilty. But what is the use of such covering the face when the criminals are interviewed by the media and press before taken them to the court.
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    As mentioned by DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao(#698580), The arrested person is just a suspect and are under trials and not proven guilty by the court. They might be innocent or guilty but unless the crime is proved, they are just under trial and as per our fundamental rights, every citizen has their right to privacy, right to live with dignity.

    The covering of the face of the person under trial helps the court for a better look into the matter, avoid adverse publicity of the suspect, helps privacy, give a second chance to the person if the crime is less heinous and lastly helps their family to be undercover and save the brat of the public.

    For first-timers, crimes committed under some circumstances, a crime under force, misuse of power, etc has to be taken into consideration as there are many petty criminals who actually commit a small petty crime for a living or the family and thus they can be eliminated from the public eye but criminals of heinous crimes like murders, rapes, terrorism, human trafficking, etc need to be made public if found guilty for the people to be well aware of such suspects or criminals.

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    So long as the facts are not verified regarding their involvement in the crime, the suspects are not the true culprits. By arresting a person, the Police cannot punish him unless it is confirmed by the court and till such time, they would enjoy the status of suspects. He is not liable to punishment. Hence even if the arrest is to be made by the Police, the accused would like his face to be covered so that he is not recognised by the common public. Such an identification by the public would ruin his prestige earned by the society.
    Hence covering the face with a black cloth is the feasible solution since black cloth can hide the face completely.

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    In certain sensitive cases, the accused had to be identified by the defendant (victim) and the witnesses if any. That has to be done in such a way that the victim or witness are able to identify them eve in an identification parade among many persons. If the arrested persons are shown to the public early itself, the case may become weak as the alleged identified culprit can claim that it was doctored and prejudiced. It can be claimed that the defendant or witness did not know or see him earlier but compelled to identify after police arrested and showed in public. The covering of face is also needed to protect the accused and his people from the violent reactions from public. Moreover in some cases the accused may have reputation and standing in the society. So if without concrete proof and charge sheet ot without court' intervention if the person was identified and made to lose his reputation and standing, it may lead to case for loss of honour and claim damages and punishment from the police personnel and State

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    I used to think it is to bait the accomplices but that doesn't work because media often tells the public about the culprits whereabouts. So covering the face is not to bait the accomplices as media makes it very difficult. So I think the only other practical reason is probably the right for dignity. As other members pointed out, the culprit has not been proved that criminal. The accused has to be tried still. So they still have their right for dignity. So police cover the faces of culprits to not defame anyone.
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    This is a basic courtesy to be provided to the accused to hide his face from the public till he is found guilty in a court of law. This is a usual practice and the accused also likes it and need not to hide his face behind his arms and sleeves. As regards the black colour of the cloth, I think that as black is the symbol of evil and bad resonating with the darkness of night, it is the appropriate colour to use in such cases. It is another thing that due to fashion and other religious reasons many people are adhering to black outfits but that is only a fashion fad and necessity and nothing to do with the melancholy behind the black colour.
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    Identification of the suspect by the complainant is considered to be the most important evidence. If the suspects arrested by the police who may or may not be criminals are not covered by cloth pieces or monkey caps they may be photographed by the media and may be published in newspaper or shown on television feeds.
    If this happens it will be considered as hampering of the evidences as the suspects' identification is the most important evidence in any criminal case.
    In order to avoid hampering of evidences, covering of faces with monkey caps or cloth pieces is done.

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