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    21/90 or 3 weeks to 3 months rule/method to see changes in one’s life

    We all make New Year resolutions or set goals to make changes in our lives. Some goals are big and some small, some positive and some negative, some fascinating and some boring but we always want to get it done. We may be full of energy during the first few days but as time passes, it starts tumbling down and slowly is thrown in the basket or left unattended.

    The 21/90 or the 3 weeks to 3 months rule/method is a simple setting that will help you to achieve your timed or set goals if you follow and challenge it for just a few days. The method says that if you are able to apply the set goal for 21 days i.e. 3 weeks, it becomes your habit and if you continue it for more 69 days i.e. a total of 90 days or 3 months, it becomes your lifestyle. The method can be used to infuse good habits or to abstain from a bad one. The only challenge in front of you is to break the shell or your comfort zone for the first week, stick to it, and force yourself for at least 21 days.

    The step taken will certainly help you to make it work in less than a month and slowly form a habit in your life. If you carry on, it will become your lifestyle within a short period of time. In just 3 months, you will become a new person and see changes in your life (whether good or bad). What is your say of this method or rule?
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    A good rule mentioned by the author but the thing is to follow it carefully. Many times we fail to come out of our comfort zones and that may become the sole reason for giving up. While it's important to set goals, we must reach the goals otherwise it will be a wastage of time to set them in the beginning. While setting the goal, the way to achieve it must also be practised on a regular basis and then only we will be able to succeed. When we become habituated to a particular setup we become so used to it that we cannot come out of it easily. That is the reason why it becomes difficult to adjust when we change the place of our work or when we are in a new environment. In any case, we have to welcome changes when we are to reach our goals.

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    I think this was the main reason why our elders would force us to keep fasting or chanting of religious shlokas for 21 days regularly. This act would build a habitual procedure within us so as to follow over the years together. This same culture can be passed on to the next generations.
    Following a same time schedule in our daily lives requires more patient and time management.

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    Is there such a rule in some subject teaching or is it a suggestion by the author?
    I am seeing the mention for first time.
    As such it did not impact me. I do not know its utility and application. I may have to revisit the thread again to get the inputs from others and then have more know about this and form my view

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    I am hearing first time about such a method of infusing good habits in our lives. 21/90 sounds impressive but 90 days is a long period and if a person is able to keep he tempo for 90 days then it would surely form a part of the routine and no doubt the person might make it a habit for lifetime. The trick lies in sustaining the activity for a period of 90 days which would not be so easy for people.
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    This seems to be a good strategy to motivate people by anchoring them to a time schedule and by creating hope in them that if you complete the phase I there are likely chances that you would be able to complete the next phase also and then it would become a habit for the life time. As this information is new to me, I would not be able to talk on its effectiveness but prima facie it appears to be a good method and solution to inculcate something in our life that was a cherished dream for quite some time. Hopefully, I would be trying to use this fabulous 21/90 method in quenching some of my yearnings and if found successful in my case then I would be visiting here with a fresh thread as a sequel corollary to this post. Sometimes these novel methods work magnificently.
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    When there is a change we have to incorporate in our life we may be having some restrictions and we may not be doing it. But if we take it as a challenge and go on implementing for some period of time it will become a habit and we will do it as a routine. A good idea from the author and 21/90 figures probably he has suggested randomly or out of his experience.
    To get positive results we all have to work sincerely and without any reservations. Then only we will be successful in our attempts. If we are happy with our position and if we don't want to come out of that position we will not set any goal and we will never strive for it. To avoid that situation if we fix a time-bound goal and if we try to achieve it sincerely we may be successful.
    I am thinking about whether I can bring in any change in my daily routine and try something new and see that it will become a usual thing for me.

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