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    When does a member's Adsense ads start to be displayed on ISC

    I wanted to know as to when does the ads/ Adsense code of members starts to be displayed on ISC so as to start some impression or click earnings. What exactly are the criteria for displaying ads on ISC using the Adsense account of members?

    What I understand that if a member contributes to this site and has an approved Adsense account, which is associated with ISC, then he/she will be eligible for Adsense ads display on the pages or posts they contribute. Correct me, if I am wrong as I was unable to verify the same on ISC when tried to do so

    Kindly let me know the exact criteria for the Adsense code placement of members.

    Is it based on the quantity of contribution? Or
    Is it based on the rank of a member? Or
    Is it based on the quality of contribution? Or
    Is it based on the duration of contribution?

    Whenever I verified the code in ads, it showed only one Ad code as used by ISC to apply for members' Adsense application.
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    Manoj Chaurasia,

    The ads get displayed on every page where you submit something, as soon as you put in the content there, so you can start earning right away if revenue is generated from the ad clicks by visitors to that page. The ad code is placed already by Webmasters and you don't have to do anything. In the case of articles, though, you are allowed to place the ad code within the text of your article .

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    Thanks Vandana for your revert, but I think with auto add feature by Google the manual and placement by members is of no use, as the Ad system itself chooses the best place for ads as well as number of ads.

    So, I will not prefer placing ad manually. What my main concern was that I have not been able to verify the adcode in a page by going to source.

    I had tried to verify every page where my contribution is placed recently but did not find my Adsense code but only the ISC adcode ending with "33" and for the same reason I asked this question.

    Is there any way to verify my own code where it is placed. I assure you, that I won't click the same as I am aware of click fraud and would never want my Adsense account to get blocked.

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    In the case of earlier posted content, such as old articles, likely your AdSense share is over as per the duration that you were assigned (check this via your Dashboard). In the case of recent content, if you are referring to forum content, I will just clarify this with the Webmasters, but note that in this case the revenue is shared between the one who posts the thread and those who respond to it as well.

    Note that if any old article of yours is fetching traffic, then you can click on the republish button, then use the edit button to add or update information, correct English errors if any, etc, and then submit it. The article will then have a fresh date you will again start earning from it. However, do not needlessly republish old articles that are not fetching any traffic at all. You can also start submitting new articles regularly, focusing on our new niche of academics only.

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    Thanks Vandana for the clarification. I was referring to current posts only, so wanted clarity.
    I won't go back to old articles but will surely try to contribute new one and would like earn some revenue out of it.

    Also, if it's ok with you, then can you let me know where more can I contribute to ISC sister sites.

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    Have a look at the list of sites where you can currently contribute to in this announcement thread. From my own experience of contributing to related sites, was my favourite in terms of the interesting things we could contribute, the wonderful support we got from the people in charge (Latha Ma'am and Rajmi) and AdSense earnings were also very good. Over time, the site's contributors became fewer and it sort of just went into limbo. I do not know if the site is very active now. I had also joined Techulator, from where I got average AdSense earnings and very good cash credits. However, I left that site a couple of years ago. The IndiaTravelBlog site also has a few of my contributions, including ones transferred from the city-based Spider sites. This site is also not bad in terms of AdSense earnings (maybe not currently since due to lockdown nobody would be travelling as such) and high cash credits are a plus point. Now I no longer contribute to any of the other sites, focusing totally on ISC and from time to time putting up content at my blogs.

    You can also check out this announcement if you are keen on becoming an editor at that site and contribute as well. Note that if you have a hosted account, then you will not be able to earn through AdSense from all these other sites.

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    It usually takes a few hours but in your case, Ads are not shown by Google. Can you check in your AdSense account and see if you have enabled IndiaStudyCHannel to show your Ads?
    Tony John
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    @ Tony, thanks for your revert.
    Here is a snippet of authorization to ISC on my Adsense account. What I don't get is that there are two same urls.
    Could you make out the issue from here.

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    I am not sure why there are 2 URLs but that shouldn't cause any issues.
    Tony John
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    Hi Tony Sir,

    The issue stands unresolved even after 2 months. Now if I check my Google Adsense profile on ISC it show as approved but on verifying the source I can't see ads being displayed in any of my forum responses or Ask expert answers.

    How to go about it? Please check.

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    Google has changed the process and now it requires manual review by Google for every new account. In this process, they expect us to place a certain piece of code on the site, which will not work on a revenue-sharing model of ours. All I can say is, just try saying to Google that you have already placed the script and see if it completes the process.
    Tony John
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    Thank you Tony Sir for your revert and direct communication that cleared my doubts.
    Live before you leave.

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