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    Slip of the tongue will be very serious sometimes

    Our tongue is boneless. It can be twisted in any way we want. We can say something now and after some time we can say we have not said that. That will give them a chance to come out of difficulties.

    But sometimes with intention or without intention, we may say some words. They may hurt the feelings of others and they may try to put us in problems. The best example for this is from Mahabharath. When Duryodhana visited Mayasabha he slipped his leg and drowned in water. At that moment Draupadi seen that and laughed at him and said, " Blind man's son is also Blind". This made Duryodhana very angry and it is the beginning of all the difficulties to Pandavas even though they won the war ultimately.

    We should be careful in talking and we can't take back once we have spoken.
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    Mr Rao,
    I disagree with you. Draupadi was not an ordinary lady. She was a princess, daughter of great King Drupada. She did not say anything but laughed loudly when Duryodhana lifted his dress and walked carefully thinking that it was water. It is only the laugh, not the words that hurt Duryodhana. Saying anything intentionally cannot be termed as 'Slip of tongue". Slip of tongue is a word used by mistake. It is like a typo while writing or typing. That can be corrected by saying Sorry.

    "Hello, He is Mr Reddy. Sorry, He is Mr Rao." This is what Slip of the tongue that I understand.

    At times, 'loose talk' hurts or damages. If Draupadi had said what you said, it could be termed as sarcasm or insult, not slip of tongue or tongue slip.

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    I also feel that the example quoted inthe thread is not apt to explain the phrase. The context doe not fit to suit the meaning of the hrase.
    It is a slip of the tongue when we say 'corporation' instead of 'corroboration'. It is a slip of the tongue to say 'Tongue of the slip' instead of 'Slip of the tongue'. (There is also a more fine category for this)
    That much for my limited nowledge, Iam also open for correction.

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    In Tamil there is a saying,'naa kaakka' which means control the tongue. This was emphasised in Ramayana as Kumakarna, brother of Ravana, asked Brahma who appeared before him on his severe penance,' nitraithvam' instead of 'nityathvam' and spent his whole time on sleeping.
    Similarly in the story of Silappathikaaram, Pandya King Nedinchezhiyan command his soldiers as 'kondru vaa' instead of 'kondu vaa' (means ordered to kill instead of bring here)by slip of tongue which became a reason for his ruin totally.

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    Sometimes our words hurt others. This depends not only the chosen words but also the context in which they were spoken. Once a person feels insulted by those words then it becomes a big problem as the ego comes in between and a small dialogue used becomes the starting point of conflict and revenge taking. It is said that we have to weigh our words before we speak. It is necessary that we should control our expressions while communicating with others.
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    Yes we have to be very careful before uttering the word because the other person is more shrewd and has the ability to corner us if we are going wrong. Moreover abusing and belittling others even for fun would be taken as serious by some and they would go for grudge against that person. What is narrated by the author citing the incident that happened in Mahabharath is the way of warning to those who should not laugh at others for the mistake not done intentionally and when the opposite sex makes the teasing factor out of happening, then the reactions would be drastic and serious
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    When we talk about slip of tongue, we can take it in either way. When we are happy and in a group enjoy, a slip of tongue will be taken lightly or a factor of laughter. It will add fun and laughter and even make it enjoyable. Nobaody would be bothered about what he/she said but would enjoy it . In the other case, when we are in anger or fight, a slight slip of tongue will take the spat to the next level. It can be considered as the eruption of our ego or the circumstances that make it worse but it will hurt like a stab.

    We have seen many anchors or news readers having slip of tongue but they quickly correct it by saying sorry. It is taken as just a slip but when the same is committed in a debate or rally, it will be trolled, pointed and even become a headline. As mentioned in the post by the writer, we ned to be cautious when using words but sometimes, we make mistake and need to correct it at the earliest so as to avoid further damages.

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    I agree with you that slip of tongue could be extremely dangerous for a person but one really has to think on the fact why the slip of tongue happens. This could be due to few reasons.
    First, it might happen when a person is carrying a dual face. In such a condition no matter how intensely one is trying to hide his feelings, they will automatically appear on the tongue in some way or the other.
    Secondly, it happens when a person is entirely indulged in some other world of thoughts and is simultaneously listening to a conversation which is entirely different. In such cases also slip of tongue incidents are seen.

    So, the point I guess is absolutely clear that if one wants to avoid slip of tongue he should keep the same face as his feelings.

    The incident quoted by you here, of Mahabharata, is absolutely incorrect as it wasn't Draupadi who spoke the lines, it was the maid of honour who spoke those words.
    Draupadi was born out of fire and was a gifted soul by the gods to King Drupad. Hence she was completely devoted to religion and religion never teaches to insult.
    It was Duryodhana himself who had so much of evil in his mind that he couldn't bear the insult and started making evil plans against the Pandavas thinking that it was all a part of the ugly conspiracy by the Pandavas which wasn't true at all.

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    While speaking slip of tongue is a involuntary function. It is not done by own wish. It is different matter what impact would be on community. It completely depends on social atmosphere. When we are in jolly mood then it's result add enjoy. In contrast, when social atmosphere is not conducive then it leads to volatile situation. If this mistake is done by anybody try to correct them as early as possible.
    As above said by author is not true. This sentence "Blind man's son is also blind". was not slip of tongue. Draupadi wanted to hurt duryodhan intentionally. That's why she told like that.

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    The example I have given is as per the Mahabharatam that is being aired by DD and produced by Ramanand Sagar. She wanted to insult Duryodhana but not his father. That is why it was told as slip of the tongue. Anyhow thoughts will differ.
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    Using the incidents in epics, one should be very careful because TV serials are not basis for telling about the characters in any epic. Recently, that has happened in the "Sapthagiri" monthly magazine. For that, the editor and sub-editor were called to give explanation. Therefore, tongue slip is dangerous than shooting an arrow in the heart. If an arrow is rooted in the body, it can be uprooted and the wound could be cured in a few days. But, the tongue slipped words were shooted then they directly probed into the minds. So, it is not possible to uproot those words because the mind is an unknown and mystical thing to understand. Here, one point is to be insisted that two persons are to be reformed. They are who shoot these tongue slip words and who received such words.
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    Mr Rao,
    On one side you call it an insult to Duryodhana, and on the other side, you call it a slip of tongue by Draupadi. I have seen the latest Mahabharatham. In that, Draupadi did not speak a word but only laughed from the terrace. How dare Draupadi could pronounce such words against the mighty Duryodhan!

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    Yesterday only I have that Mahabhartham in Telugu DD which is a dubbed version of Hindi Mahabharath. The dialogue is translated into English.
    Draupadi tells Dharmaja when he enquiries about her words she says she never thought that she will insult Durtharatsra and she says it is a slip of the tongue.
    Anyhow, I want to leave it here and I may be wrong . Why unnecessarily prolong the discussion. There are different versions of Mahabharat and there may be some differences.

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    Afterall, Mahabharatha is a story. No one knows the Original Mahabharatham. No one knows the whereabouts of the original script said to be written by Saint Vyasa. Directors make up their own story to make it interesting to the public. Did Duryodhan complain to anyone that he was insulted by Draupadi? Like a thorough gentleman, he did not even tell anyone. But he had the grudge in his mind and acted against Draupadi. If Dharmaraja knew this, he would have sought an apology from Duryodhan. And did not happen. Draupadi too did not disclose and kept quiet.
    Okay, Let us keep Mahabharatha away now, and move with Slip of Tongue.

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