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    How to pass the time in a waiting room with patience

    We've shared experiences about how one can pass the time outside an exam center. Let's share our experiences, humourous, serious, etc about other places where we have to wait and do so without getting impatient and irritable.

    Here's a general list where we wait-
    1. The airport lounge waiting for your flight
    2. The OPD of a hospital waiting for the Dr. to arrive
    3. The waiting room of a clinic, awaiting your turn to meet the Dr.
    4. The railway station platform waiting for your train to come
    5. Any queue, such as at a counter in the post office or a bank
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    It was a worry then, not now. In the past, it was very difficult to kill the time while waiting in the bus station, railway station, airport and hospital and elsewhere. Nowadays, a mobile in hand keeps us busy browsing the net, watching movies, listening to music, playing video games, chatting with friends etc. It is very rare to see someone without a mobile in hand. Time moves faster than normal. I pass time by remaining busy with ISC.
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    I remember one such incident while waiting for my turn in a queue in a bank. The queue was quite long and I was standing near the end of the queue. There are people, especially old ones, who tell the other person just in front and just behind them to keep the place so that she/he can take a seat. This is a usual practice and people never mind for such things. The problem starts when some people try to squeeze inside the queue by saying such things that she/he was in front of or behind someone. One such young fellow came and said to a person that he was standing just ahead of him in the queue. The young fellow started arguing heavily as no one nearby has seen him in the queue. The person whom this young fellow pointed out in the beginning by saying that he was standing just ahead of him retorted - 'Listen, young man, my cousin and you look identical and that cunning fellow (his cousin) has given me many sleepless nights. Do you think I will leave him alone if he stands in front of me? Now just shut up and get lost '. All the others standing in the queue started laughing. It was a good form of entertainment and people started discussing how articulate one can be even in front of an enemy. It seemed the queue was moving faster and the crowd suddenly became jovial.

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    As SuN mentioned mobile phones have solved the issue of boredom while waiting. The problem will be only when waiting at a place where mobile phones are prohibited. In some places there is TV or books to read. So I keep engaged in that.
    Somehow I have trained myself to avoid boredom doing various things in that time. Some of them may be things which I may not be doing other times. I like to observe human behaviour. It will be so engaging when observing a child playing or doing pranks. I may even start conversing with people sitting or standing near me. I usually open with some general conversation suitable to that place. A straight smile of friendship to someone like us is enough to strike a rapport and avoid boredom. If nothing of such sort are possible, and I am alone, I chant devotional mantras silently or imagine some thread subject for ISC.
    1. The airport lounge waiting for your flight – I can spend time observing planes landing and taking off, people boarding, reading all the schedule details displayed or listening to announcements.
    2. The OPD of a hospital waiting for the Dr. to arrive- Reading and watching again and again the displayed names of Doctors and Departments etc and observing fellow patients and escorts.
    3. The waiting room of a clinic, awaiting your turn to meet the Dr.- almost as above, or conversing with the attender or pharmacist.
    4. The railway station platform waiting for your train to come- I never ever get bored there especially in Mumbai local stations. The shops are there to buy tea,or snacks, and many things to watch, view and even learn,.
    5. Any queue, such as at a counter in the post office or a bank- Here I start with a smile with the person in front and back. Then I go on reading (for umpteenth time) the time table and tariffs displayed. I may also count and check how much time it takes for one person to reach the counter and leave it. I will then approximately calculate my expected turn at the counter.

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    Twenty years back people were struggling to kill time. They used to share newspaper, magazines and story books while waiting in a longue or in a clinic. In parlours they used to keep books related to the cosmetic products which were sold through network marketing.

    Now a days it is not a problem at all, when they call out our name also our minds will linger else where. Can you imagine why? We have smart phone with internet to browse and go through various news, videos related to any information or write-ups on any content. We can read a book through google also. You could also take a deep breathe and meditate for at least five minutes as a break between the usage of mobiles. Using earphones we can watch a movie which is of our choice. We should only carry earphones, power bank, mobile and the place should have a good network connectivity that's all, our work is done.

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    It is my practice to go reach railway station /bus stand one hour before to avoid any complication or delay etc. This was,though mocked well by my relatives and friends, I followed this as my principle. I used to pass time by watching people with joy as wrote by G.K.Chesterton. Later in one article famous Tamil writer Mr. Lena Tamilvanan wrote in one of his article that he possess similar practice and spend his time by reading /deleting messages in his mobile. I catched his point and apply in mine also along with my usual.

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    In spite of a mobile in my hand, I feel irritation in standing in any queue. Waiting is a worthless activity. You have to somehow kill time. I always hated waiting for a train in the Railway platform. My earlier experiences in the matter are very adverse. Long back when we were living in Assam then there was a train from there to Delhi and it used to come to the nearby Railway station at 3 AM in the night. That time there was no communication facility and internet and we had o reach the station well before but most of the times we found that train was late by 3-4 hours. It was really very irritating to wait for the train so long that also in the night time. From that time itself I have a psychological hate for these things.
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    In the past where mobile facility is not there it is somewhat boring to pass time. But at that time I used to spend my time by reading a newspaper or reading story books. As Sun told it is easy to pass time nowadays if we had a smartphone in our hand. In a Railway station I used to spend time with mobile phone by searching various things or browsing through various sections of ISC. In Airport after checking we can visit various shops inthe lounge. In hospitals we have facility to watch TV programs to pass time. To pass time in banks or post offices we can go through the attractive notices kept on the walls.

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    Now a days the waiting at the waiting room is not that taxing because, we know the expected late and have the gadget with us to pass the time. Moreover when in public places like Bus station, Railway platforms and even at the doctors waiting room, the television is arranged and one can view the same for news updates or the songs. Normally many of us taking the appointments before visiting any places and therefore the waiting time is drastically reduced. But once we went to skin doctor and the patients were more and the expected turn for us was more than three hours and we utilized the time to visit the ESIC medical council and finished the formalities that was pending for my daughter admission into MBBS. So what I mean to say that we have to utilize the time in most useful way and should not sit vacantly for our turn.
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    Test submission.
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    Haha, lately I have been very interested in knowing dynasties of Iran. So when I was waiting for my host in one of my relative's house to come out of kitchen, I counted down the dynasties of Iran/Persia. It helps both with memory and knowledge.
    Ofcourse we have our phones. So I watch some documentaries on music or history or paleobiology. If there are beautiful things around I click pictures.
    In weddings when we wait for our turn for food, I send "scouts" to see what are all being served. Then I talk to the scouts about the food.

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    I had experienced waiting on railway platform on daily basis when I was working in Mumbai. It is really difficult to even stand properly on local train platforms on weak hours, so forget about sitting on a bench. I used to play sudoku on my mobile after finding a peaceful corner on the platform. Another thing was replying to all the Whatsapp messages received on that day as I was not allowed to do chit-chat on Whatsapp during the office hours.

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    As if I wait on the waiting hall there are books around the table I used to read them Once I read a book about Industrial advancement or some other book in that I read some very interesting facts about Japan as Japan people used washing hands water and recycle instantly and used for bathing and other things in this way the conserved water.
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    I don't like to wait. Generally, I bring books with myself whenever I have to wait. The book is the best friend of man. If you have a reading habit, you will never bore at any place. Nowadays, mobile is the best option for time pass. You can observe every person using a mobile phone at everywhere. Whatsapp, youtube, TikTok, etc are the best options for entertainment and time pass. You can also read books using a mobile phone.
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    The first thing that comes to mind when we have to wit is our mobile phone. As mentioned by members, earlier, we had fewer options like newspapers, books, or magazines to kill time and few who were interested in talking to strangers would be able to manage without any hesitation. As we have internet and latest smartphones, we can use it to surf, play games, view movies or videos, listen to music and speeches, use the app to learn new things, or even fill required online forms. I found similarities with the things that Venkiteswaranji does when he has to wait in the list above in the post.

    As per the list where we wait-
    1. The airport lounge waiting for your flight - Normally check the delay timing, have a cup of coffee, move around the lounge or duty-free shops and even view the flight landing, take-off, and passengers around.
    2. The OPD of a hospital waiting for the Dr. to arrive - If its a normal visit, I check the magazine available, keep an eye on the screen and track the number of patients, doctors available, their timing, facilities available, etc.
    3. The waiting room of a clinic, awaiting your turn to meet the Dr. - Will be constantly looking at the screen or the attender an other people around.
    4. The railway station platform waiting for your train to come - Will buy a coffee, a magazine or newspaper, check the notice board, resertvation chart, train timing, people around, their action, attaire, luggage, walking or sitting style, etc.
    5. Any queue, such as at a counter in the post office or a bank - Will check on the staffs, bmanager, working timings, Forms and schemes available, count the people before me, listen to music, etc.

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    These days we are all carrying our mobile phones and laptops or tablets with us.
    If I have an hour waiting time at the airport I will open my laptop and start working on that. When I start working on my laptop time will go fast. There is no problem in passing the time there.
    When we are waiting for our turn to see a doctor in the hospital our mobile phone will come for our rescue. We can chat with somebody or we can see the WhatsApp message and respond. Check our mails on the internet and we can talk to our friends also. The waiting time here will go like this, The same things we can do in the railway station also.
    These days many of us go to bank very rarely and all activities will be online. That is why we need not wait for long lines there. If at all we stand a queue, we can spend time by looking into our mobile or otherwise watching the surroundings we can spend the time.

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    In my case, waiting at airports and on railway platforms is no problem since I love taking photos for my blogs or for a contest theme. So the minute we are all in the lounge of the airport or find a bench on the station platform, off I go wandering around, clicking signboards, graffiti, shops, a plane on the tarmac, an incoming train, etc.

    In the clinic, if I haven't taken a book, newspaper, or magazine with me, I have this interesting activity of trying to guess whose footwear matches whom from the people who are there along with me in the waiting room. It is interesting because we tend to have a particular mindset, of matching some expensive-looking footwear with somebody who is not as casually dressed as others. In the case of shoes, it is easy to match shoes to the person, as generally, that person will be wearing socks and if more than one pair is to be seen, somewhat from the size of the feet one can perhaps guess whose is whose. I avoid reading the magazines if these are available as these generally are related to health only and I would much rather not know about ailments and diseases!

    In the case of an OPD of the hospital, there may be a television so time passes by, and observing other people also can be interesting, especially if there are kids around. It is fun to see children in a playful mood in such a serious environment or listen to their endless questions asked to those accompanying them. If one is a keen observer, one also tends to learn something unexpectedly, such as how to get the insurance form signed for a discharged patient or know about the best doctor to consult for a particular health problem. Such information may come in use at some future point in time (hopefully not, course).

    As for standing in a queue, I just look around at what other queues are there, assessing what seems to be the most in-demand on that particular day at the bank (cash withdrawal) or at the post office (paying a utility bill). It is also good to help somebody to fill up a payslip or answer a query. If it is a very long queue and the staff at the counter are taking too much time so the queue is more or less stagnant, then I leave if it is not something important, to return on another day, not out of impatience, but as I don't see the point in getting tired just standing around for more than half an hour.

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    Have any of you stood in a really long queue for hours (an hour or more) to get entry into a place of worship or at the ticket counter of a tourist attraction such as a museum or a palace? Consider the people whose faith is so strong that they are ready to stand in line for more than five hours to enter a pandal during festival times. One the one hand you admire their deep beliefs and on the other hand, are puzzled why they would exhaust themselves like this.
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