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    One single bad sentence is sufficient to spoil a write-up

    Whenever we write an article or story or a write-up we try to make it focussed to the theme and would not go for anything that does not fit in there and contradicts the contents itself. Writing is an art and much precision is required to achieve a good piece of composition. In spite of taking all the care and editing the contents before giving it a final shape, it sometimes happens that a bad or irrelevant sentence remains there unedited or unchanged and it spoils the whole write up. Have you anytime experienced such a thing in your write-ups? It is really embarrassing for the writer and sometimes he has to apologise and feel sorry for it. Please give your views on this issue.
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    Yes. You are right. I had the experience at ISC itself. I used to take lot of interest and pain, and spend hours to create a good thread, but within no seconds, the thread would go to bed in delete section. What is right for me is wrong to others. For e,g. I would think the word 'naked' normally, others would think it differently and seriously. It is the perception that differs from person to person.
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    When we cook any dish, we take precation to make it to the best and measure every ingredient as given or learned. If by mistake even a small mistake happen, it will be noticed by the change in taste of the dish. Every masala or spice have its flavor but when added a bit extra, it may change the taste. In the same way, even after taking all the care and editing the contents before posting, a line or sentence is left unattended and it can change the full meaning of the content or can be irrelevent to the subject.

    Sometimes, the taste that we prefer may not go well with others like, I like spicy but my friend like it low and thus the same dish may be tasty to me but pungent to him. In the same way, the sentence or line that the write felt apt may be wrong for others. But, it is always better for a writer to know its readers and frame it accordingly so as to gel well with them.

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    Yes. if our work is appreciated by the people we will feel happy. We will work sincerely for that only. In spite of all that sometimes the results we get maybe just opposite of what we expect. At that moment if we relook at our work definitely we will notice the difference and we will not understand how that mistake happens. This will happen many times to many.
    When we write we will write in such a way that what we want to express will be expressed properly and others will understand the same the way in which we want them to understand. But sometimes we will fail to do that. We have to make a lot of explanation to get it right in the minds of other people.
    That is why many people will show their work to some of his family members or to some friends so that they will give a correct opinion about the writing and we can do the changes as suggested by them so that the entire work will be good and get into the minds of the people easily.

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    For any writer, the editor should be equipped by him. For example, while we writing forum responses or threads, most of the members may use Grammarly software in the space which encouraged by ISC itself. It is one of the editing equipment we are using at the instant while we writing the message. Suppose, a message which could be taken from other sources and if it has been written in a different manner, editors in ISC suspects such faults immediately. It is one of the editing options. Come to the writer, once he completed an essay or an article, he should read it loudly before a mirror. Then, he can identify the mistakes and he himself becomes a great editor. This is the final conclusion in the case of an editor.
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    Right thing at wrong place, won things at right place all create problems. Similarly a wrong word can also spoil everything. However if the same is uttered due to ignorance or slip, and the listener(s) do not doubt the intention of the speaker, then they either correct him or take it in its right meaning as intended.
    But when such things happen with strangers or people who are not close to us, or in our profession etc the damage effect can be high. It may become costly too.
    While spoke words do not last, unless recorded, written words stay and last. So the bad effect of it can be more and longer too. That is why must books to be published are proof-read and reviewed and scrutinised by someone other than the writer. This can help avid such mistakes and wrongs.

    I think most of us are victims of this mistakes happening. As we do not write very serious matters we are pardoned or ignored or by some providence saved.

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    Words are like swords. They are very sharp so should the write up be precise. The flow of thoughts on paper should be clear without making a big difference in the minds of the readers.
    We have noticed this incidences in our daily life when there are public meetings by politicians. After the meeting people tend to find fault and pull his leg.
    Similarly we have take care of our audience or readers in the first instance before giving a full stop to our write-ups.
    Criticisms are always a part of our life but some of them have to be corrected then and there so that it does not make a big hole in our pockets.

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    In my earlier days of writing I would rarely proofread and even double check the references for my articles. That has caused me a lot of criticism. I used a single video as a reference for my Engineering seminar once. So I did have my humiliations for erring. A single sentence that can give a double meaning or a false conjecture should be caught before your writing goes public.
    But logical error isn't the only thing.

    I write poems as a well. A lot of times the poems I come up with are good, but not all lines are created equally. So in case of one less tasteful line, the whole poem has to suffer.

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