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    What is one nation one market?

    Yesterday Central government brought one nation one market ordinance. In a nutshell what it imply? What advantages the farmers and business people get through this act.How it differs from present marketing system? Are there any disadvantages to the farmers and business people through this system. What is the intention passing ordinance by government. Members please discuss in detail.
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    Presently governments in deciding the rates of the agriculture products and the farmers are selling them at that rate. But now the government has decided to leave that rate-fixing also to the farmers. A farmer can decide the rate of his product and he can sell it anywhere in this country. The farmers can make agreements with the parties for selling at any rate he wanted. This is a welcome move. He need not restrict if himself to his local market he can sell anywhere in the country. This is what we understand from this recent action by the government. For this farmers should be able to freely. That way farmer can sell their products at a better rate.
    The limits on storage also lifted and now anybody can purchase from a farmer and can keep in storage as long as he wanted. There are no restrictions on storage. This may help the farmers to store their products and sell when the rate is good.

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