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    If mobile is lost what are the important things to do to recover the phone and for safety?

    Sometimes it may so happen we may loose our mobile while we are travelling in busy places or by our carelessness. By loosing our mobile phone at present we may face so many difficulties. We loose all stored contacts and so much secured data stored in the mobile. Not only we loose our phone and also you are exposed to so many security lapses. If any body uses our phone and if they do some illegal activities the mobile owner will be at risk. To avoid such risks, after buying the mobile what important care to be taken in activating the mobile phone for the first time. After loosing mobile what important precautions to be taken for recovering the mobile and overcome security problems. Members let us discuss these issues in detail.
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    When we think of losing our mobile phone, it will certainly bring anxiety and fear as we have everything in it. Many of us are using a smartphone and use it for everything from banking, surfing, texting, saving, downloading, tracking, etc. Every detail is stored on the phone either through the app, document, notes, etc. The worst is the contacts as we hardly remember any number and everything is saved on our phone and losing it is like losing all our contacts. Some of the precautions that we can follow are:
    - Try to sync all the contacts with your email so that you will be able to get the maximum contact details later.
    - Contact your service provider by call or in-person and block the sim so as to avoid any unwanted activities. You can even ask them your phone (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number to register complaint.
    - Go to the nearest police station and register a complaint as it will be required to get a duplicate sim, to get insurance claim and even track your phone through your phone IMEI number.
    - For more security, you can log-in to your laptop or desktop and try changing your email password so as to avoid any breach to your email.

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    Loosing the smartphone definitely would create major inconvenience in relation to loosing the contact numbers of our near and dear ones and more so, if we had the single mobile phone. Then there are features such as downloading, tracking, texting,saving etc and with these features, we are comfortable and What's apparatus do provide us regular entertainment.
    Now is not the time to recall up the convenience associated with the smartphone, we have to be extra cautious to disable the sim by giving a call to the service provider and to protect ourself from any unnecessary harassment, it has to be brought to the notice of local Police Station to save ourselves from ackward situation. To keep the smartphone in safe mode, I keep in the front pocket of my shirt.

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    First thing is to contact the service provider and inform him about the issue and ask him to lock the sim card.
    Get somebody's phone and inform the house that you have lost the cell phone so that if they try and if it is coming switched off they will get panic.
    Every phone will have an IME number. When we purchased that mobile phone we have to note down that number. we have to give a complaint to the police station and you have to give the IME number also so that it will be easy for the police to track your mobile.
    It is better to store our contact in our email generally we use so that we can easily import all those contacts from that email address so that we need not worry about getting all the contacts again. After purchasing the new phone you can import them to that phone. That will become easy. You can store those contacts on your laptop also which will come in handy when we lost our phone.

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    We can not afford to lose mobile phone. It has all the important data which people can misuse. We have to keep its IEMI number separately somewhere so that we can report in police cyber cell about it. Another thing is we have to keep it under password protection mode so the other person can not unlock it.
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    First of all we must be more secure with our belongings and in no case we should replace or misplace the mobiles and then shout for its lost. Those who steal our mobiles would take out our sim and throw away and then switch off. For some days they will not open the phone at all. If the phone is kept on and not lifted then we can use the GPRS system through police complaint and trace the phone immediately. But the thieves are more smart and they would switch of the phone and they will not put another sim at all. So it is difficult in that case to trace the lost phone. IMEI which is printed on the battery slot of every mobile is the tracking number of any mobile and if that is noted and flashed as the complaint to the police, it is easy to track the mobile. But the gullible thief would also erase those numbers and remain untracable.
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    When the mobile phones started using, we, many of us, totally depend on the mobile for time watching, date referring, relatives or friends numbers (sometimes our own number). Once we lost the phone our total day-to-day life stands still and we nearly come to the level of mad. For this I used to have a small note book in which I noted all numbers and other details, though it found in mobile.
    It is very difficult to get the phone back though we lodge a complaint with police personnel. It is better to inform the nearby mobile service provider about the loss and do needful to issue another sim card in the same number. There are rare chances of using your own sim by the person who steal the phone.

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    Mobile phones are the better half for any individual in the present days. Even if the mobile has some technical difficulties or if it is lost both ways the users suffer a big loss, physcial and mental stress increases incredibly.
    Most of the important and personal informations are stored in and these days we are using online platforms which is linked with our bank accounts. If we are not having any balance in bank, it is fine. Many people these days have become great borrowers.
    As suggested the IMEI number and the model of the mobile should be mentioned in the loss of mobile complaint given to the nearest police station as a first step to get a peace of mind. Getting a new sim for the same number is possible after giving a copy of the complaint to the service providers but mobile cannot come back into our hands.

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    IMEI Number is mandatory for the cop to verify or trace the mobile.IMEI numbers have one principal purpose: To identify mobile devices. Their secondary purpose, or intention, is to prevent theft. ... When a carrier knows that a device has been stolen, it can blacklist the IMEI code and lock it out of the network. Later on, it tells other cellular networks to do the same.
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    It is always a good practice to keep the back up of some important data of mobile phone. It is very useful in case of losing the phone. Some people keep a file containing contacts also which is easily made in the mobile and then transfer this file in some other device. By doing this all the contacts can be again recalled back from that file. Nowadays there comes a device securing App as 'Find My Device' which should be installed in the device and kept running. If mobile is lost one can go to Google find site and lock the phone remotely by selecting secure my phone utility. It has to be done quickly because if the thief has put off your mobile then this App would not work. IMEI number is an important number and it is advisable to note it in some diary or other place so that it is easily available. This is to be given to the police if someone is going for lodging a police report.
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    We loose most of our memories, which we tend to take through our mobile cameras. Keeping an album at home has lost its value as most of them are using mobile as a means to store, share and fill their eyes with the photos of their family members.
    We are connected psychologically with these aspects. It has become our real friend as the thought has to be changed. Book is a good friend of man to mobile is the best friend of humanity.

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