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    Let s hope likes of Leelavathi are never there anymore

    It was shocking to see a very old lady waiting for a train to Delhi. Her name is Leelavathi. She was seen talking to Ms. Burka Dutt, a very senior and sincere journalist, who, one understands, has her own you tube channel. Leelavathi s son had taken away all her money and kicked her out. She wanted to desperately get back to New Delhi.

    Some kind hearted family in New Delhi has now promised to literally adopt Leelavathi. She will be under their care for the rest of her life. She is assured of all help in the form of food and accommodation. One only hopes that the Virus makes people more caring for others and their own parents and relatives. We cannot afford to have any more Leelavathi s in our society. Kudos to Ms. Burka for the excellent job done.
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    I feel the title wrongly conveys what is meant. From what I read of this incident, Leelavathi was a concerned, loving mother who rushed to take care of her ailing son and when he recovered, he abandoned her. What you meant is that there should not be more abandoned mothers, but what I feel the thread should convey is there should be more Leelavathis in terms of how much love they have for their children no matter that they themselves are elderly and require care themselves, and not more sons like him. I am also not aware of the news coverage by Barkha Dutt (note the correct spelling of her name), but the Kudos should also go to the railway personnel who first spotted her at the station, took good care of her and ensured she was able to board the train home.
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    A mother will understand the pain of her children and treat them even though she is suffering. But many children fail to notice the pain of their parents. This is what we are seeing these days. The incident in this thread also explains the same. Leelavathi's son is not done his duty properly by leaving her after he got cured. He never thought about where she will live. It is the selfish nature of the son. But the good work done by her paid the dividends. She got a good shelter to live. That is why people say be good. Your problem will get sorted out by themselves.
    There are many old parents suffering like this. This story should become a lesson to them and they should take care of their old parents so that they will be happy in their old age. Parents should be respected and we should treat them as God who is visible to us.
    These days what I am observing is that many people are coming forward and trying to help the needy. It shows that humanity is not dead completely. It is there and it will come out when needed.

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    Vandana Madam, it was on YouTube. It is still doing the rounds. Well, the fact is that her own son abandoned her after he took all her money. She was left in the lurch. The journalist was seen talking to the poor lady. It then turned out that for some little rice and one packet of biscuits and a bottle of water, she had nothing to eat. What was shown on Youtube was her suffering and she had clearly expressed regret at the way her own son her treated her.

    This is exactly what I wanted to convey. Let not our society have any more women like this, who are not cared for at all. Fortunately, she had reached New Delhi and was once again seen talking to another journalist from the same channel. And the family that offered to help her was also shown in the background. I could understand that the gentleman is one Kiran. Sorry for the wrong spelling of the journalist. Yet, what she had possibly done was superb. Journalists of this kind are difficult to find. Let them do their job so that the Government at least understands a little of the agony that such people undergo. Anyway, her suffering should have been horrible. She is reportedly 7- plus in age.

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    There are many such mothers who love and care their children, And at the same time, we have many such loveless, stone-hearted sons and daughters who don't care about their parents. There are many such Leelavathis in our land. We won't find such Leelavathis in foreign lands where the culture is different.

    I watched a movie of Amitabh Bachan and Hema Malini playing the parents role that portrays this very well. I don't remember the title of that film.

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    It is really an unfortunate case that a mother taking the utmost care day and night without having consideration of the timing are being treated in such a rude manner. But I think the case of Lelavathi is not uncommon, there are many like Leelavathi's whose cases have not been addressed by their heartless sons.
    I know the case of such an unfortunate mother living in my village selling her entire lands for the sake of education of her son and finally her son after having finished the course of engineering got a suitable assignment in the Tata Steel behaved in the similar way. Though the wife also joined in this episode and one fine morning, the couple shut the door after pushing her out without any consideration where she would proceed. However, the mother managed to come back her own village with the help of some Good Samaritan and was looked after the village Mukhia till she breathed last.

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    I also have similar view as Vandana. I also do not know the connection of Barkha Dutt in this episode.
    However such incidents are unfortunate and are still happening in many places. We do not get to know about them .Moreover there are many good people who are empathetic, sympathetic and pro-active and do their own possible actions to be of help to the victims and see that they are cared. They ensure this either by their direct contributions or indirect ways. Many of such good people remain silent.
    But media people will give publicity to such incidents and sensationalise - either as responsible journalists to bring out to make the society aware of such things; or to get some readership, viewership or publicity for their media. There are also some journalists who also exaggerate some small incidents or even manufacture sensational news which get people's attention. I am not alleging this in this case,.
    As individuals what we can do minimum is to take care of our parents, our family and contribute whatever is possible for the needs of fellow humans.

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    In technical age, Leelavati incident is very common. Unfortunately, many leelavati like parents are suffering in our society. You must have read this proverb somewhere that God can't stay every where so he created mother. But very few people understand this. Mother always be very caring for their child since birth. If child is in trouble then mother does everything for happiness of child. But, today many sons and daughter are as,they are leaving their parents in old age. Day-by-day, it has been common sight to leave old parent at their fate. A famous movie 'Bagaban' played by amitabh bachaan which story is based on suffering of old parent given by their sons.
    Now-a-days, sometimes we find good people in society who coming forward to help us on humanity basis. As human being it is our duty to take care of old parents.

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    The sons are not realizing the importance of their mothers and they are discarding , not respecting and above all not caring for no reason. And the women like Leelavathi gets some solace as one family wants to adopt her and give new lease of life. But I am sure she may not be satisfied with the new arrangement as she has to agree and adjust with the new environment which is not as free as her own son house. But the circumstances forces some to agree with the new lease of life which is challenging and at the same time a ray of hope has been kindled and this news should give the shocker to her son who discarded her.
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