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    The real face of humans - Do we need to change ?

    Seeing the news in newspaper, television about the elephant being fed by a pineapple filled with crackers, almost everyone in India must have put a status about it.
    Putting a status on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social site on the poor elephant and its fate and going out with friends, the same night for a non vegetarian party or kicking out a pitiful animal standing at your gate, demanding for something to eat.
    This is what most of the people must have done.
    Everyday people talk about girls' safety still they aren't safe.
    The same they have started with animals, still we know they won't be safe.
    Then why to act as if they are being actually sorrowful about what really happened. This is just a double faced attitude of the people who actually adheres to increase their followers by putting such sympathizing posts.

    If you are really feeling sorrowful, tell what could be done to avoid this. Share what you would have done if you were in the government. Thinking about the decision given by kerela government to kill the wild boar raiding the fields.
    Isn't it the same as killing a human being ? After all wildlife is also a part of our ecosystem and is playing a major role. Animals or humans both are living; killing anyone is certainly a crime.
    Then why the government and people aren't thinking about the poor beings who can't even speak.
    Don't you think this order may lead to poaching in Kerala under the name of killing boar which might later on spread to other parts of the country?
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    Not only the animal lovers but every one is hurt to hear this news. Animals are a part of ecosystem and we have to coexist with them. One way is to make boundaries around the wild life areas so that the movement of animals across that is limited and the forest department can coordinate the activities monitoring their movement if any and bring them back to their habitat. If animals do not get food in the jungle which happens due to deforestation and lack of other facilities like water bodies etc, then they move to human areas and start damaging the crop. Villagers will in their anger in turn harm these animals. So, solution is there but it requires a lot of efforts by the Govt machinery especially forest department.
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    The news might have hurt many people. Whether you feed an animal or not, don't kill it. Let is have its life. This much thinking is also not there in such people who played with the life of an elephant. That too that elephant is pregnant. How much cruel these people are.
    I understand some people keep like that in their fields to avoid wild bears into their fields. But some people say intentionally they did it. A human being should never do such an act intentionally. There is no dispute in that.

    But what the author feels is how many of us really worried about this incident? A very apt question. By making a post in social media or by making a post here or there is not the correct way of expressing our grief. Let us show our sincerity and help the needy animals. That is what is required these days.

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    It was a heart aching news especially when I read that the elephant was pregnant. The incident actually put us through 2 things.
    i) Why do people or humans do such cruelty to animals?
    ii) Whom do we point for such incidents?

    For the first question, Why do people or humans do such cruelty to animals? The answer may vary from person to person. For a vegetarian, it is real cruelty as they too have the right to live in the world or earth. For animal lovers, as mentioned in the post, all wildlife is also a part of our ecosystem and is playing a major role. Animals or humans both are living; killing anyone is certainly a crime. For farmers or people living near the jungle, they are saving their crops or lives. For government or politics, they are with the people of all categories and looking at the vote bank. For normal people, it is just news, not bother as it does not affect them or a way of making likes on social media. For media, a hot topic for the whole day.

    For the second question, Whom do we point for such incidents? Animals come out of the jungle due to deforestation and other factors but for people, it is their safety. Some do it for fun, some for money, some for living, some for power, some to be in the news and some without purpose.

    The only solution to this is, to stop deforestation and let the animals live-in happily in their environment and they will never come out to bother humans. The government need to make laws and implement them for the safety of humans, animals and the ecosystem.

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    It really gives lots of pain inside the heart when a animal is tortured for no reason. And in this case the pregnant elephant was fed with pineapple filled with crackers and that eventually burst inside the mouth of the tragic elephant. How that person or persons had that heart to punish the elephant which does not do any harm and given the harsh punishment of violent death. Animals cannot express the pain and anguish and in this case the elephant seen running to the water source and drinking water because the chemical reaction of the crackers must have felt dryness. Probably such barbaric things might have done to shoot for ticktock video and no one in the world would accept the murder of elephant for the personal selfish video. Even the film actress expressed their outrage on the extreme step of murdering the innocent elephant.
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    People do not know the effects of such ill treatment. People can argue that the animals do not have revenge in mind and cannot do anything to the person hurt them. Whether it is true or not that the animals have no revenge in mind, but the moral fear is created in us from childhood for not doing harm to animals and others on any account or situation. People lost their mind and acts as childish as if unwise. For such people only moral stories were there in all languages but the schools failed to insert moral classes in their daily periods.
    There was a story: A temple elephant used to taken to river daily by its mahout. A tailor on its way used to give a banana to the elephant. One day, It was the diwali period, the tailor had a crooked mind and gave a banana by inserting a needle in that. The elephant as usual got the same and got irked. The elephant went to the river and had a bath and when return it hold some muddy water in its trunk. When nearing the shop it poured all water into the new cloths of the tailor shop. The tailor got annoyed as his total business went off because of small hit done to the elephant. It can be seen in :

    Government should initiate stern punishment to the persons killed elephant as if they killed a human. If the Government officials failed to take action against the erring persons, Nature will punish them in a similar way.

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    No doubt by listening this news heart was filled with sorrow. It is painful news not for animal lovers as well as all human being. This news proved that humanity is going to be end. Human being is understood as best creation of God. But human being proved that now we are not as faithful as you. Right from beginning animal has been part of ecosystem. It has equal right to live on earth. We human being always show dominant nature over earth. In which way pregnant elephant killed was full of cruelty. This barbaric killing is beyond imagination.
    Govt is responsible for protecting wild animals. Why animals coming outside in search of food while their natural habitat is forest. There is great need to make rule and implement them strictly. After this incident govt should take necessary steps so as to this kind of barbaric killing may not happen in future.

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    Certainly, we need to change. It can be said that it was a cold-blooded murder. It's a gruesome incident but not surprising because humans kill their fellow beings out of grudge or revenge and now the same thing is repeated on an animal. I think those who carry out such cruel acts on others have some kind of psychological issues which must be addressed in the beginning during their childhood. This type of cruel intention of harming others, be it animals or other humans, do not grow overnight and when these types of things happen the only way is to find out the culprits and severely punish them so that such crimes are not repeated. In this particular incident of killing of the elephant the state government's apathy is very clear. In her tweet, Ms Maneka Gandhi, who was a former union minister and also an animal rights activist, mentioned that the area Mallapuram, where the incident happened, has a notorious record of killing innocent animals. The unfortunate incident happened on 27th May and it is in the news almost after a week. I fail to understand what the authorities were doing these days. Only a punishment to an extreme level can stop such cruel activities.

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