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    The struggle of common people

    Common people lead a simple life. They undergo hardships and struggle. They face ups and downs at every phase of their life. They have minimalist needs. Hardly there comes an opportunity to celebrate and rejoice with their closed ones. Not on every occasion do they go for shopping. Years and years are spend with the same set of clothes. Rarely do they receive gifts and appreciation. They don't take any favours from anyone untill and unless it's quite urgent and important. Inspite of facing difficulties in life, they keep a smile on their face. They believe in the simplicity and fathom the importance of small things in life. The only goal and priority of common people is to sustain their own family livelihood and spread happiness and warmth with little accessible things.
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    True. The common people struggle a lot in society. They can't say they are poor and they can't have all the minimum requirements to lead a happy life. Very poor people will be getting help from the government. Rich people will not have any problem as they have a good amount of money. So the real sufferers are the common people only. These people feel shy to show their poverty to others and hence they try to pretend as if they are happy. They have to make a lot of efforts to see that their family is doing well and their family is happy.
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    The common person is the ultimate sufferer of any good or bad thing done by the government. Because the rich and affluent are smart enough to adjust their life and life style if a change is occurred. But a common man is used with his daily routines which are not costly and yet affordable. Even that affordable purchasing power was snatched from the common man and some have been silently undergoing the challenges of life and they would burst into tears only after when some one ask them about the welfare. They know that hard work is the only way to mitigate their own poverty and they look for alternatives ways of life to live and prolong. They would not complaint to anyone and that is the reason being so the common man plight is always taken up by the media and press and highlight their living conditions and then only the govt and agencies would run for help.
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