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    How to submit inter-connected content for the academics' niche

    With our site moving towards developing into an exclusive academics portal, we suggest that members try to submit as much of inter-connected content as possible.

    After a discussion with the Webmasters, a sample of such content has been prepared. Have a look at the list of contents below that is focused on one theme but all of which are essentially providing inter-connected content through three dimensions -
    1. A short article on the basic career path of Fine Arts.

    2. A longer article on the best institutes that offer courses on Fine Arts.

    3. A comment on the Education Series' city page of Chennai.

    Similarly, when raising a forum thread or submitting a forum response, we could provide a relevant link to something related to academics, such as a course or an Ask Expert query. This would also be ideal for whatever you submit anywhere, especially AE answers and article comments. Even in some job posts, you can see how members are providing links to the school, college, or course pages. Within the descriptive text of a school or college and even updated info, you can provide such internal links. The basic idea is simple - keep the reader within our portal as much as possible, with the links being followed from one page to another. The longer the reader stays within our site, the better for us, as it may generate revenue, it may lead to sharing the pages with others, and the reader may perhaps even get interested to register as a member and contribute quality content. Overall, internal links show that our site has a lot of related relevant content and gives a boost to ISC as a one-stop hub for all academic-related information.

    Those who wish to get further guidance can respond to this thread and further suggestions that could help towards developing ISC into a niche site are also welcome.
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    There are already some members in ISC who are contributing good quality material related to educational matters covering from school admissions to career-making. They would definitely take less time in aligning with the overall objective of the site subsequent to the recent changes made. As regards other members who are contributing in a general way it would take some time to come in the newly designed groove but they would also start presenting content in forum section mainly pertaining to academic, educational and career-oriented material. ISC was already a well known educational site but somehow to accommodate more members and more visitors it was allowing all sorts of knowledge material to be posted by its members. Now in the changed scenario, members have also to do some homework to contribute in the specifically focussed area of academics. I believe and also hope that we would be able to mould ourselves in that niche area soon. Wishing ISC all success in its new Avatar.
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    Happy to see members providing links in my thread on favourite campus spots. Many of you are very active in the forum and it would be great if you continue this trend in other threads as well.
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    I have done it two threads. One is on your above-mentioned thread and another one is in my post on this thread Chinese goods from 10th June 2020. I think more people will start doing this by the initiative you have taken.
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    Linking to other articles or posts makes an article richer in its content to that extent that the reader can go to those links to find out more about something relevant mentioned in the article or post or any other such contribution. It is definitely a good idea to give links for the additional or relevant information. The author while giving links should try to give the links to the best of lot available in the site on that topic or issue so that the reader is benefited by the good content therein. Incidentally, in one of the articles in ISC site Best and effective content writing tips I had found about this aspect of linking where it is mentioned as how it is used for gaining better page views for one's article.
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    When we talk about submitting interconnecting content for the academics' niche, do you mean by having links in the forum threads or is it mainly related with Ask Experts sections? We sometimes get post related to the queries raised or some threads raised. As mentioned in the post and by members in their reply that giving links of inter-connected posts or articles provides more information and keeps viewers glued to the site and its contents. In this way it adds value to the site, members and even the visitors in respect to knowledge and money and will go with the site slogan, " Learn to earn, eEarn to learn."
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    I mean in all sections. In a job post, we can give links to a school or course page; in the AE section we can give a link to a related AE thread or a forum discussion or an article; in the forum, we can give a link to anything connected to the main topic of the thread; in the text of an uploaded exam paper we can give a link to the college; and so on and so forth.

    Note that since we do have other content as well that is not academic in nature, inter-linking that too as well would be helpful. What is important is to ensure relevance and to use the proper anchor text (the words used after the link). For example, if I am giving a link to the AE section of nutrition, the anchor text can be the single word nutrition or multiple words like 'nutritional benefits', 'nutritional value', 'nutritional guidance that is given' etc, and not some totally bizarre, unconnected words like 'comments' or 'participation'.

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    Can I use the link of ISC's sister site posts here in ISC?

    I tried it in this post
    Kindly verify and let me know. If it is not acceptable, I will remove from the mentioned post and also avoid using it.

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