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    First time when I was asked to explain something at the blackboard

    This narration pertains to the time when I was in class XI and was studying in a Girl's Intermediate College. Myself and a few other girls in the class were considered better in studies and many times we answered correctly to the teacher's queries and got a 'good' for it. Our Geography teacher was very nice and believed in interactive teaching. During the class she would ask questions to the students and whoever answered correctly got her 'well done' exclamations. One day she was teaching about clouds and rains and asked how the clouds are formed. Some of us raised our hands but she asked who could explain it at the blackboard. Some of us dropped their hands quickly but I was engrossed in something and could not attend what she said. Seeing my hand still raised she asked me to come to the blackboard and explain how clouds are formed. I never stood near the blackboard before and was not sure about how I would be performing there. Anyway it was too late to refuse to the teacher and with great apprehension I went there to explain. As I turned to the class I saw all eyes on me and most of the faces having a smile on their faces. The teacher also was smiling. I totally forget what I have to explain and was almost in a statue position till teacher asked me to start. This was my first such experience and did not know what to do. Meanwhile some girl's started to laugh and feeling nervous I ran back to my seat and tears came in my eyes. The teacher was so considerate that she came to me and consoled me much and told that I knew the answer well but because of nervousness I could not speak. This type of thing happens with many of us when we face our audience for the first time.

    This is my entry for the theme based month end TOW contest 'Blackboard'.
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    It is easy to speak in-crowd but when you face them, it is really bashing. I was not a bright student in my class but was the first to be raised by my maths, sir. I was always his target and literally every day, I would get pasting from him for even a small question. He was so strict that he would make the whole class stand for a simple question, " What is a point?" Whenever he would teach us and solve problems, the next would be my turn to solve the next problem. I could manage algebra but the geometry was that made me take his pasting. Many a time, I would know the answer or steps but when going in front of the blackboard, my mind would go black and could just stand starring at the board. Still, I have not been able to overcome stage fright but do manage it when in group or have a company.
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    Many students will face such situations during school or college days. We will have that stage fear for sometime when we are getting the attention of all other people around there. But some people while have the desire to go and stand there and explain. They may do well even in the first attempt.
    My first experience to talk is there still in my mind. During my high school studies our school used to conduct competitions for independence day. There was a speech giving competition. I have also given my name. The topic is about our independence. Each candidate was given 10 minutes time. My turn came. Initially for about a minute or so I was under tremendous tension but later I have become normal and I was able to talk. I remember I got the second prize on that day. Later on, it has become common for me to go and peak from the stage.
    The author has expressed her first time experience with the black board very nicely and the narration is very attractive.

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    Stage fear is a part of every student's life which starts from the primary levels. During those days only the teacher would speak and students will just listen but today the trend has changed. Students have to come prepared for the topic and it will be discussed in points by each student. By the end of the discussions the teacher will guide through to come to right conclusions.
    These days students are also performing in the assembly on the dias in front of all the students irrespective of class. This gives a room to evade from stage fear. This trend builds a positive attitude in students.

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    Not only in student life many people feel nervousness when they have to speak and face the crowd. I used to have a stage fear in school days.

    We used to have assembly session in the morning and daily a person from any class was supposed to come to the stage and had to speak something which we used to say" thought of the day". Once I was asked to get prepared for the next day for it. I went to the stage and forgot everything which I had to speak due to nervousness for few seconds. I took a deep breath and almost ignored the people standing in front of me. It's very common thing and this nervousness usually vanishes with the time.


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