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    The change in life bound to occur because the earth is circle and it rotates

    For everyone of us the change in the life and living condition bound to occur because the earth is circle and it rotates. That means the rich would become poor, and the poor would become rich over the course of time. And those who are average would change into intelligent and vice versa. This kind of balance sheet and trial balance is prepared by the God and it is imposed on everyone. Only the time matters as we have seen those who were in dearth poverty have risen to the respected level of living in their life and those who were flying high with boasting of wealth have fallen down to the earth. What is your view?
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    I don't know. I have seen many people who born as poor and died as poor only. Similarly, I have seen some people who born with a silver spoon in their mouth and enjoyed their whole life with the money given by their parents and grandparents and died rich. I have also seen some people who lived under their parent during younger age and under their children when they become old. They never did anything and earned money for their lively hood. I have not seen any change in their mindset. Probably the cases what I witnessed maybe a few exemptions for the thoughts of the author.
    Changes are inevitable. We have to accept the changes and live with those changes. We start our journey on this earth as a kid, as a child or a grandchild and we may be getting many changes and we may be leaving this world finally as a grand[arent or grand grandparent.

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    Change is inevitable but there is no thumb rule like the things mentioned by the author. A poor can become very rich and vice versa depending on the circumstances but it's not inevitable that the poor will be rich one day and the rich will become poor. The earth is rotating on its own axis and due to this motion many natural phenomena occur but what the author mentions in the thread is not related to any kind of natural phenomenon. After trying and working very hard a poor person can become rich and if that person can manage the funds she/he accumulated there is no reason for the person to become poor again after some time. Same is the case for an intelligent person. Any average person can become talented by practice and if that person can maintain that state there is no reason for the person to become unintelligent. What the author mentioned here are the things that we acquire from this world which is not related to the natural phenomena occurring every now and then throughout the world.

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    Change is one thing that happens without change.
    Humans are dynamic. Leave alone body. The human mind is always dynamic and changing and moving from one thing to another,
    Adi Shankaracharya compared human mind to the moving water drop on the lotus leaf. He said, for that reason, human life is so changing and moving and shifting from one thing to another.
    I am not competent to vouch for or contest the statement 'change in life bound to occur because the earth is circle and it rotates'. As of now we do not have a square or pentagon Earth to compare and contrast and make a conclusion.
    Our ancient Rishis and Spiritual Gurus have showed that if you control your mind you can attain a state where you have control on your mind and body.
    Malayalam spiritual book 'Jnaanappaana' by Poonthaanam best explains the exactly opposite happening in human life within a short time. A rich man may become a pauper and a beggar may become a King overnight.

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    Whatever message put by the author is on the basis of philosophical thoughts. Actually, whatever said by the author that it is just like a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, etc. But, the changes in the life manner of the people could not be found exactly as mentioned by the author because it is a natural process. That means a kid converts into an old person. Can anyone imagine that it is a miracle? The maximum number of people say that it is natural and also ask what is the magic involved in this. Such natural process occurs whatever you say. It could not be recognized by any person. But, it is inevitable that the author's message is absolutely correct.
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    Some people enjoy life to the fullest with the richness and few suffer in dreadful poverty but I have noticed the dual facieted persons who by looks dress up as a poor person and by dawn they reach a beautiful bungalow. This is was a bitter truth which I witnessed in my childhood itself.
    So we cannot take a call on the rich or poor people. It can be only gauged by the persons who know them for years.

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