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    Hating others without reason should be avoided on any circumstances

    We can see daily around us, that people are unnecessarily hating others or criticizing others without any reason. Merely criticizing others without reason make our mind polluted and leads to hate others unnecessarily. We,in this world, live as a dependent and we cannot survive without others help or assistance on any account. Mere telling that I can live without anybody's help but it is not possible in practice. we have to buy our milk for morning coffee for which we depend on the milk wallah or though we go and collect milk from shop, we are depending on the shop person. Next we depend on our house person either wife/mother/daughter for preparing coffee.
    I have seen some persons hating some others without reason and not leaving with that but they hate the person related to the person for whom he/she hate. I saw in one house a lady hate the neighbor without any reason and one day she beats her own child as the child was talking to the neighbor lady casually. It was pity to see the child crying and blinking without knowing the reason for beating.
    Such hating pollute our mind as a slow poison and in due course, we become worst in character and others starts hate us for this reason.
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    I agree with the author. First of all, why should we criticise or comment on a third person who is not there? We are not here to judge somebody's way of life or methods. It is their life and they live as they like. As long as there are within the boundaries of the rules and regulations of the country and if they are not interfering us why should we criticise them. If you found that somebody is doing a mistake and you want him not to do that, you can separately talk to him and explain to him what is the mistake you are thinking and try to understand his point of view. Otherwise, keep silent. This is the best policy one can adapt.
    The person who is part with you when you are criticising the third person may go and tell you that you are talking bad about him. It will increase the gap between both of you. So always I feel we should be silent and should not hate anybody.

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