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    Lessening of restrictions does not mean following the herd

    A WhatsApp message advises people not to rush out due to lifting of restricted movement in the phases that are opening up after the stringent lockdown months. The message warns people that stepping out unnecessarily still applies, that one should not roam around merely because everyone is doing so. Just because somebody is meeting friends or walking around in the park to shoot the breeze or taking the car out for a joy ride does not imply that one should do the same. People are unknowingly infecting others just because they are fed up with sitting at home and want to step out.

    Please continue as earlier, going out strictly to buy essentials only once in ten days or so, and ensure that you continue to wear a mask and wash your hands regularly.
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    A very important thread at this juncture. Though people are fed up by staying indoors many people had to go out because unless they attend to their jobs they will not get their salary and won't be able to manage things further. Those who cannot work from home because of their type of job need to attend their workplace to earn money. We all are aware of the economic situation and for things to pick up slowly a bare minimum workforce is required. By keeping all the precautions and the warnings of the government in mind we should not follow the herd and adhere to all the safety measures. I find the announcements of the central and the state governments quite confusing though we should not get confused. On one hand, all of them are telling us to maintain social distancing norms and on the other hand, many state governments are allowing the public transport to carry people to their full seating capacity. In this situation, we must apply our mind while going out because irrespective of any government order we need to be safe and healthy.

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    Using masks regularly with one metre social distancing and as the author suggests staying away from people as much as possible is an apt way to keep ourselves away from this virus.
    One more aspect is most of them use sanitizers but use the old kitchen towels to wipe their hands. Cleanliness is godliness is the key for a healthy person.
    We have to concentrate on the first words spoken by the PM that " where ever you are, stay there". It still holds good for all the citizens of the country.

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    Reliefs and concessions are given for certain compelling reasons. Only those who come under those compelling reasons should make use of those reliefs and concessions.
    Precautions and protections should be in place as far as the risk is there. In the present context the risk posed by Covid19is still there. It will be there until an effective cure is found or an effective vaccine is found.

    However if the extreme caution by resorting to a total lockdown is resorted that will shake the basic economic strength and stability. The cure will turn as worse than the disease. Do the reliefs are given taking calculated risk with risk reducing measures incorporate in them. Even those measures cannot be said to be bringing zero risk. There are more vulnerable sections also. So the relief is not to be misused by them. Even those availing the reliefs for valid reason should also adhere strictly to the prescribed minimum guidelines and also avoid unwanted risk by exposure.

    At least now people should shed herd mentality and follow realistic and prudent policies suitable to them which reduce to maximum reasonable possible level.

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    What I felt that though the curbs are eased and most of the people want to rush to the roads and hit the market but invariably I found that the regulars and still holding themselves inside the house for their own precautions. And those who are elders and want to move have been restricted and they are not coming out. Strangely the markets are having thin attendance of buyers or no buyers. So as per me the lock down lifting has not assured full roaming of people and at least 25 percent of them are still put inside the home. Good that those who are realizing the impact of aftermath of the virus spreads, but again those who are contended with the necessities and keep getting them on line are not venturing to go out. The real challenge lies when the temples. hotels and the schools would reopen and then the surge of people would hit the roads.
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    Being aware, I think, is very important. As we all know, lockdown cannot be continued for a long time. Let us have our freedom back but let us be also aware and beware. It is for our own good. We must follow the restrictions and limitations to ensure that we are not a party to community spreading which is, I say, dangerous.

    Can we discuss 'herd immunity' (a very often brought in topic by A B Sivakumar) here? I think that would be faster and easier than vaccines!

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    After lifting lockdown restrictions I have gone out just once for one hour and that too attend an important work. Otherwise, I was in the house only. The government has given relaxations but not the virus. We are observing that the number of cases all over the country is increasing and it seems that they will increase further. As such it is good for you as well as for the others also to restrict your moments. Why go out unnecessarily without any work. Many people are not understanding this point and roaming waste outside and causing a problem to society.
    Following all the precautions that are being advocated by the experts should be followed without fail 24 X 7. That will be safe for you and your family also.

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    Unlock 1.0 was probed by prime minister and relaxations given during the lockdown period were only for the sake of economic push towards a sustainable level to protect a common man. These relaxations are meant for going on the roads and walking in parks. If we do so, what is the use of a lockdown period of nearly above two months restricted by the government? After the lockdown period also, it is solely responsible for the public to protect themselves at the same time as their family. Mainly, people have to remember that relaxations during the lockdown period are to make the life of the people as simple as to reach certain financial potentiality. Still, now, the government has been thinking about the health of the people. But, it is also essential to living with the certain financial potentiality to all category people. Therefore, the government gave relaxation. This should be remembered by society.
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    I was reading a newspaper report about how toy shops had a lot of customers. It seems parents wanted to buy these to keep the children occupied since schools will be closed for a while. Other than that, stationery and clothes were in demand. However, as one shopkeeper said, now what is essential and what is non-essential is no longer considered at all. He stated that people were buying things for celebrations! It also appears that many are not even wearing masks, leave aside maintaining social distance. Such carelessness is scary as it will only lead to a rise in infections. Surely people should take the onus of being more responsible.
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